Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paranoia runs deep...

Yeah, a little paranoid after one of those mega-hits hit?

More than a few people do go through that shit. It happens to more than who'll admit to that fact. people sitting around listening to sounds that are not there at all. People thinking that there is someone in the other room or in a closet.

Crazy isn't it?

We are tuned up and wired to the max waiting for the FBI, the CIA, the local swat team or whatever demon our imagination has conjured to come bustin' through the door or crash through the windows.

Sometimes we think that the nasty relative we pissed off or the gang banger we ripped off is setting us up for something nasty. While those eventualities are just slightly more likely than law enforcement coming to do us in, it's just a part of the insanity we burden ourselves with.

In all actuality it is just the IBI.


Yeah, the IBI. That is the IMAGINARY BUREAU of INVESTIGATION. Just another part of that crazy freak show we play in our mind. It doesn't happen with every hit, it doesn't happen every time you go on a run. When it does happen though it is an event that is rarely forgotten. We are geekin', tweakin', schitzoid or what ever local expression is used to describe the phenomenon.

In a nutshell it's just cocaine psychosis.

When it's all over with you say to yourself, "I paid how much to feel that miserable and terrified?" Trouble is that when you get that next $20.00 or someone knocks on your door with a bump the whole circus just starts all over again.

You know what else? Some people think we're having fun.


  1. I have been reading through all of your posts and I had to stop and comment. I'm pissing my pants here....IBI, really? Priceless!
    I truly am not laughing at you...but I do think you are funny and have an amazing way with words.

    Okay...back to reading through your posts. :)

  2. I have been behind in regards to comments to the blog. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoy reading it. Hopefully something useful can be gleaned from this thing to benefit you, even if it's just "I ain't ever gonna' do that!"


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