Saturday, October 10, 2009

This really isn't a journel or diary...

The things that are posted here are not even intended to be an account of what may happen on a daily basis. That is not to say that what does show up here won't be derived from what happened today. perhaps what happened yesterday.

What shows up here are just my overly opinionated view of the world through my, at times, drug addled mind. My take on how people act or react to my presence. My actions or reactions to some thing that may have happened to me. This could have happened to me today, yesterday, last week or last year for that matter.

As always, it must be stated that my intention is not to glorify the use of crack or any other drug. There will be days where there probably won't be any mention of drugs at all. This blog, if anything should be construed as a cautionary tale. With that said, I'll continue with my blathering.

It should be noted that at this time I am homeless. As in I live in a homeless shelter. This would be the City Mission. For you who are not familiar with Erie, this facility is located at 11th and French St. It is not in the "Garden Section" of Erie. I'm pretty sure that there is no Garden Section in Erie anyway.

This shelter is strictly for men. If you show up and at least appear to be sober, you will get a cot for the night. When a bed upstairs becomes available you may then be put on the Samaritan Care Shelter pro0gram. When you qualify for this program, you are breathalyzed. There is that rare occasion when someone is asked to drop a urine.

Last weekend a fellow's eyes seemed to be a little too red to suit one of the staff members at the mission. This poor fellow also tearing into some potato chips, which added to the staff members suspicions. Anyway, because of those red appearing eyes and his apparent case of the munchies, this poor fellow was asked to pee into a cup. The staffer at the mission was amazed to find this guys urine as clean as....

Well, a mountain spring certainly doesn't work here.

Another thing about being homeless or poor in Erie. You will not starve. Actually, I've watched some people working the system down so well that they are actually overweight. In a few cases overweight is a gross understatement.

There is a day room at a church a few blocks from the mission I wanted to check out. My intention is to take advantage of this place to stay inside when going to my sister's place is not possible. This church also serves breakfast to the homeless or those who just need to have something to eat.

After breakfast in the Mission, which is not served to the general public, a few fellows will walk a few blocks to eat a second breakfast. Hot cereals, toast and coffee were being offered on the day I stopped by. It must also be noted that breakfast at the mission was eggs, sausage, toast or English muffin, juice and coffee.

Lunch is served to the public at the mission during the week. I have not eaten there yet, but that may well change in the future. If and when I can get an apartment, the possibility of gaining some sort of part-time employment and what kind of schedule will have will certainly have a bearing on where my meals will be taken.

Dinner is served a block and a half away from the mission in the other direction from the church. I usually eat there. It a soup kitchen is run by nuns. The food is good and often one can get seconds. I see people there from the mission, from the street, from crack houses and from the housing authority apartments that are nearby.

I also see volunteers working at that soup kitchen that I remember from my other life. They don't seem to recognize me. They may also choose not to acknowledge me. That's OK. They are doing things to help those less fortunate then themselves. I'm not there to embarrass them or myself either.

I'm hungry.

I'm there to eat.

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