Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well, I've been away.

The reason is that I did use Tuesday and a little on Wednesday. Went through more cash than I should have and am now paying the consequences.

And so it goes.

Nothing of particular note on the using. The quality of the shit is relatively poor in this part of the world. have I had worse in areas that generally have good product? Well, yes but that is the exception and not the rule.

Here the stuff needs to be cooked. That means that you remelt it to remove most if not all of the cut. You are usually left with anywhere from 75% to 25% of your original cookie. Around here the average is about 50%. More of that stretching stuff out to maximize already outrageous profits by the street thugs.

I tend not to write a great deal after coming off one of these binges. mostly because my mood is less than kind. I've been told that I am particularly mean at these times. Being a poor judge of my own character, I'll take the word of others. Well a consensus anyway.

Anyway, the usual spending of too much money, with a touch of paranoia and a lack of sleep have taken their toll again. Add to that the lack of proper nourishment and liquids to make for a bit of edginess on my part.

Join the party and have this sick sort of fun. Then watch as your funds, your sanity and your friends all start to disappear!

That reminds me.

Soon, maybe tomorrow the subject of people disappearing will be addressed. Not the permanent disappeared thing made infamous in Central America, but the temporary MIA thing common to many who hit a crack pipe.

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  1. hey i enjoy your writing. i'm coming from a very different situation but can appreciate that even i could have ended up where you are if i had made different choices. keep writing


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