Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lab Rats

I got really pissed off the other day. At the mission, some street thug was talking with his source of supply. Well, that's my thought anyway. He was complaining to his source that his "lab rat" didn't like the quality of his goods.

This clown was pissed because his lab Rat was talking trash about his shit and it was hurting business. I can only wonder what the conversation sounded like from both sides. Perhaps it went something like this:

"Hey, my Lab Rat was talking and says that the shit he been gettin' from me was no good. What am I supposed to do 'bout dat?"

"Don't worry Cuz! Juz give him an extra bump next go round and tell him you' gonna' make it up next time."

Fact is though, the dealer is never gonna' make it up. They never do. It's all about money. making money and then making more money.

We're their cash cows, not their lab rats, seems as though they need to get that shit straight.

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