Thursday, December 10, 2009

Erie weather

Crackheads and homeless people hate the cold. Well, hating the cold is not exclusive to crack smokers and the homeless, but they probably have more to contend with in bad weather conditions.

I mean, have you ever heard of someone going out into a blizzard at 3 AM without proper clothes and trying to score a $20 piece? Most sensible people would be in bed, fast asleep without worry about risking life or limb due to extreme conditions.

I have to laugh, because one time I heard at a 12 step meeting that someone didn't show up because the weather was too nasty outside. Some blowhard oldtimers chimes in with the ," If he was looking to get a hit the weather wouldn't have stopped him."

I was sort of taken back by that and thought to myself that not going out into crappy weather was the smartest thing one could do for oneself. Was staying inside, warm and dry, a kind of telltale sign that a person was getting better?

Not to some people I guess. Which is also why they say, "Some are sicker than others."


  1. Yeah, I heard that one in meetings.

    Facts were my coke dealer came to me. Psychedelics came Fed Ex. The liquor store delivered every day.

    And my customers came to me. I rarely went outside for a couple of years, too afraid of break-ins.

  2. 12 step cliches and slogans? Yep, I got hundreds of them.

    Now the dealer does deliver to me. Somewhat on his unreliable schedule, but he does eventually get here.

    So far as going out. I really don't need to do that anymore. I have a computer now, so no trips to the library. I have plenty of food so I need not go to the Mission.

    Problem is that, at least for me, staying in may become just as unhealthy as going out in nasty weather. Too much isolation is not good for a soul. Meeting and seeing real people is an elixer.

    And no, talking to people online doesn't count.


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