Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not much new, but...

No, there really hasn't been much new happening for the past few days. Well, almost nothing happening.

Last Saturday I did run into people from my past life. Really people who were more of a part of my ex-wife's life. They may well be part of her life today for that matter. They were coming into the library as I was leaving.

Now granted, my appearance is not from the cover of GQ. I probably look a bit scruffy with my hair in serious need of a trim and my beard in a similar condition. My clothes, while not fresh off the rack from Macy's are at least clean although not sharply pressed. My look might be described as slightly rumpled. I think my look has always been slightly rumpled.

I do shower on a daily basis as well.

Anyway, as this couple approached I saw that the woman must have recognized me and was trying get by without me noticing. She had been looking at me from as far away as the parking lot and as they approached she tried to ignore me and continue toward the library doors.

Her husband, who graduated from high school a year before me was taking the same tact. We went to the same school together and participated on some of the school's sports teams. She may or may not have mentioned to him that she saw me as they came from the parking lot.

I did what I normally do when someone familiar to me walks by. I said, "Hi _____, Hi _____ !
(the are names omitted to protect the "innocent?")

She looking at me quickly, feigning unfamiliarity with me. Her husband though quickly came over and said "Hi!" and shook hands with me. She then stopped, looked at me as is for the first time and said, Oh! Hi ____! (My name omitted as well to protect the not quite so innocent.)

It was interesting to see the interplay between them as well as the body language used during our encounter. His actions seeming more open and accepting and hers being more closed and almost defensive.

I guess that running into somone that has turned his life into shit in many respects could be a bit unsettling for some people.

We made a little small talk. They weren't aware that I did return to Erie, but at the same time I didn't run an ad in the local newspaper announcing the fact. I just mentioned that I used the library for the internet service and to get an occasional book.

As mentioned before I do occasionally run into people I know. This is not a huge city and hardly a day passed that I don't see someone that I recognize. It is humorous to see the lengths that some people go through to avoid contact with the unwashed masses. It almost seems that they think I may have contracted some weird contagious disease.

On the other side of the coin, there are people who just happy to see someone who has been through hell and is still standing. Maybe they just are thankful that they didn't go through some of the same things that others have had to endure. Even if the hell was from one's own poor choices.

Right now, that's about all I have to say.

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