Monday, January 25, 2010

Entitlement Issues

I eat at least one meal a day for free.

It is not something I'm proud of but the community provides to those who are in need. I'm grateful that these services are available.

Something that happens occasionally is the fact that there are people who believe for some strange reason that they are owed these free lunches. I've probably have mentioned this sort of thing in the past, but when these negative people come by their negativity seems to be contagious.

I've heard "'They' won't give me a job, so at least 'they' can give me a meal." Nobody owes anyone a job and 'they' certainly don't owe anyone a meal.

Another one that sticks in my craw is , "They ran out of ______ (you can fill in the blank with any food item) and I've been waiting here for an hour. They probably are saving it for their (black or white) friends."

Another favorite of mine is, "They're serving ham again? They had that here yesterday!" Maybe they should have checked the specials before they got into line.

Another good one is "You don't mind if I cut in here? I had some business to attend to, but I've been here longer than most of you all." No, I don't mind but the 50 people behind me might get a bit ruffled. Maybe the next time this person can score their crap after they get their lunch.

I grateful for the food that is served. I know full well that there are those who are probably more deserving and probably in more need of that food. It's available to me though and I take advantage of that. I also do my best to make sure that everyone who needs these services are made aware of them.

I probably could avoid this crap. Well, we all make choices and my choice was to smoke up last months check before buying food for the month. When circumstances are different, I'll go to a restaurant and buy myself a meal.

If it not up to par, then I'll complain.

Well, maybe.

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