Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year

It would be nice to say that I'm entering the new year with all sorts of resolutions.

Well, it ain't necessarily so. To say that there would be no more smoking crack or using some kind of substance to get out of myself would be a joke. I'm just not that good. just saying NO isn't going to work too well either.

Is this being negative?

Not really.

This is just being realistic.

There are some things that I am going to do that will take my mind off of the wanting to get ripped. Some of these things may actually help to a degree. To be honest though, these are devices that have a limited effectiveness. Nonetheless they are tools that do tend to stretch out times between my binges.

These are also devices to get my money into something other than to a drug dealer.

Just because the dope man isn't getting my cash doesn't mean that the money is being wisely invested. It just means that instead of getting high, I'll be doing something other than smoking crack.

Some would say that is a positive step.

Maybe, maybe not.

It may well be a positive step in that my mental health might be somewhat improved. it might also give me a healthy outlet for some of my boredom and frustration with my situation. my situation, of course is all of my own doing. Well, just not smoking crack is a positive step.

A hobby of something constructive is a step up from frying my brains away.

Maybe it just might be a bit on the positive side.

Time will tell.

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