Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not Everything in Erie is Perfect

True, no one will ever go hungry in Erie.

I have proven to myself and others numerous times that hunger in this town does not exist. Well, unless you're extremely stupid or lazy.

But there is another area that needs to be addressed.

Public restrooms.

I have a spinal chord injury. Quite often the need to use a restroom is urgent. Accidents have happened and are very embarrassing. I also detest those who think the world is their restroom.

Now, as it happens, today I had an urgent need to urinate. Nothning to be ashamed of, as this is a bodily function of almost every animal in existance. But problems arise when you go into some establishments to use the facilities.

The restrooms are "for customers only." That sign makes me angry and I do make note that when I do want the services provided by the establishment that posts that sign that I should go to their competetor.

The local hotel at 10th between State and Peach St. has a plumbing problem At least that was the impression given to me by the desk clerk "Chris" when I asked for directions to the restroom. Now, there is a bar and a restaurant in the lobby of that hotel?

Where do their customers go when they have the need? Around the corner and into the bushes? I really don't think that's the case.

As mentioned before, I have a spinal chord injury and control is difficult. I wonder how the desk clerk would have reacted if I piddled on the carpet in the lobby?

I may test that when the next 'emergency" arrives. The only problem will be my having to walk back home through the downtown area with soaked trousers.

It might be worth the embarrassment.

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