Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This freaked me out.

I was standing in line waiting to get lunch at the Mission when I overheard snippets of a conversation.

"Man, I knew something was wrong. I haven't seen him since before Christmas." His friend followed up with, "Well they think he's been dead since December 4Th."

Many of our kind don't have real regular contact with people. It's not really about being antisocial, at least I don't think that's the case. Sometimes we have no funds available and getting around is a chore. We show up for a few days and disappear for a few weeks.

No one really keeps track.

It's not that we don't care if So and So hasn't been around in awhile. Everyone has their own routine, troubles and needs to take care of that someone missing is not a major thing.

Every once in awhile though the missing person shows up dead. That's to say that they have died in their apartment when few people think about checking up on them. The rent just was paid and the landlord doesn't come around until the following month's rent is a few days to a week late.

Nobody makes a big deal about someone missing who's just gotten their check. They've probably paid enough bills to keep out of the radar. Maybe even copped enough drugs to allow them to burrow away for a few days. Maybe the heat isn't working, but at least they are out of the snow or rain.

So no one is too concerned if there is any concern at all.

Somebody might be pissed because they didn't get a promised bump. So they knock on the door and get no answer. "Oh well, Dude is out partying someplace else. MFer still owes me a hit!"

How many in the "real world" would become suspicious when a friend disappears for a week or more? Quite a few, I'm certain.

Too bad it can't be that way for everyone.

Dead is dead. Would it be nice to know that at least when they found you they could have an open casket. Then your friends could tell everyone how peaceful you looked.

Peaceful looking, but still dead.

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