Friday, February 12, 2010

I feel so bad...

For those poor folks in Dallas that recieved 12" of snow last night and today.

Well, not really.

I was listening to the radio when I woke up this morning and recieved that news. It's about time those folks down south got a little taste of what winter is really all about.

The news story also got me wondering what progress there was on the legal proceedings against the scum that broke into my apartment. From what I can tell from the county court's website, the trial has been moved back to may.

This is probably so one side or the other can properly prepare their respective cases for the court. Hopefully it will also give the district attorney time to get his paperwork in order so I can get down there to testify against this guy.

Did I ever tell you folks that it isn't a good idea to allow drug dealers to camp out in your home. It's not a good idea at all in the very least in any stretch of the imagination. Hopefully you get the point.

Here's why.

The thugs will start making assumtions that could be harmful to you, your friends and any others who might occasionally visit your abobe. They will think that the few crumbs thrown to you is sufficient rent. They may start bringing in friends to "just chill" for a minute or two.

Sometimes that minute or two stretches into the night or a whole day.

Your schedule is not their problem. Your needs are not their problem. Your lack of privacy or quiet isn't their problem either. Should you try to get them out of your place the reaction is that they have paid you for the right to hang out. If that logic doesn't work they will then throw a piece your way to try to extend their stay.

Of course having a drug dealer in your home poses other problems. Increased traffic from customers stopping by to score is a part of that problem. Also there are the times when the slinger's dealer stops by to re-up them. They will also tell you who is and is not welcome in you home.

Add to that the fact that sometimes someone sees something they like that belongs to you. Pretty soon it's a case of that item belonging to someone else. You don't find out something missing until it's too late. No one ever knows who took what, when or where. Added to that you don't even get a chance to pick who steals your property.

Then there are those cases when one of your dealers becomes his own best customer. The problem is that he needs you to finance his bad habit. That is a big part of why I will be going to Texas in a couple of months for that guys jury trial.

So if you must buy this poison, do yourself a favor.

Unless absolutely necessary, do not invite your guy into your home.

Be suspicious of any favors he does for you, because there is always a payback.

If you find out your dealer is tasting the product, find a new source. It may end up costing you more than a bit being shaved off of a 20 Dollar piece.

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