Saturday, February 6, 2010


It didn't happen.

I didn't get high yesterday, though the thoughts of doing so were in the forefront of my mind most of the day. I used my "Harm Reduction" technique of being broke. This isn't in the HAMS handbook, but there really isn't a handbook to follow.

No money is coming my way in the foreseeable future either. That means that the wiring of my brain will be untwisted for a reasonable period of time. Only good things can come of that, but there will be money coming before the end of this month.

Keeping in the positive I have managed to get a few more packs of smokes. That should keep me in nicotine until this time next week. One less monkey on my back to contend with.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. With the weather as it is right now, staying in may be the best bet. The wind was howling so fiercely that it almost knocked me on my ass. Considering my size that makes for some mighty powerful gusts.

Anyway the Super Bowl will be a close game. New Orleans will prevail against the Colts 31 - 28.

Sorry Jerry, where ever you are.

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