Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Trust!

I know it's been mentioned here before and will likely be mentioned again. This is the first rule, as in RULE #1 if you are going to be involved with crack in any way.

If someone smokes crack, don't trust them.

If someone sells crack, don't trust them.

I left Dallas, Texas about 6 months ago. I had a conversation with a crackhead friend on the phone last night. They were upset that I hadn't told them I was leaving. My reply was that no one I knew could be trusted. I stated that in a way that made it clear that I didn't even trust my friend in that regard.

I owed too many crack dealers money and those same dealers did business with my friend. To have revealed my plans to my fellow crackhead may have jeopardized my position. Perhaps jeopardized my position to the point of getting me shot.

I really didn't nor do I want to get shot.

So whether you smoke crack, sell crack or know someone who is in anyway engaged in some sort of activity involving crack, do not trust any of the above.

For real!

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