Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two weeks until...

My check comes.

Cigarettes are running dangerously low but that is my only complaint. The weather is getting warmer with each passing day. The grey piles of snow are slowing dissolving into little streams and puddles. The rain promised for later in the week should finish them off in short order.

Sunshine and moderating temperatures have done much to improve my mood. Not having hit a pipe in a little while doesn't hurt either. Another factor is that the pain I experience is somewhat lessened when my mood is elevated. The lesser the pain, the better my mood and the more ambitious my excursions become.

A friend wrote about my comments on recovery. He mentioned that he was not in recovery in the AA, 12 Step or rehab facility sense of recovery. He preferred using the terms Harm Reduction and abstinence. He has been abstinent for a fairly decent period of time now. I'm not sure exactly how long, but he must be well beyond 30 days.

I'm happy for his success.

I also employ Harm Reduction techniques to keep me abstinent. My major technique is staying broke. And while there may be those who say that my methods are not exactly healthy, it must be noted that in a certain way it works.

The downside to my methods lies in how I go about getting broke. I don't think it would recommend in any Harm Reduction or any other self-help literature that you smoke crack until you're out of money. Improving on that is a goal for me.

With that in mind I keep in mind that it's two weeks until...

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