Sunday, April 18, 2010

I hate getting up on a soapbox

But Erie Crackhead is pissed off.

There is an article on a widely read blog from a TV Doc, who is trying to defend his good, commercially viable name. He made a suggestion regarding how a young female celebrity should be brought into treatment.

My guess is that the Doc's publicist probably wrote the post. With the way the entry was artfully crafted, they earned their money as well.

His name won't be mentioned here, as I certainly don't want to do anything to increase this clown's ratings. The blog' website or title won't be mentioned here either for reasons to be mentioned later.

Getting back to the story though, this doc suggested that the woman's father plant drugs in her car and then call the police.

That is just ethically and morally wrong. And while at times it has little to do with ethics or morals, it would also be legally wrong. The Doc thought this was justifiable though, as this would get this woman into the legal system and initiate an intervention.

This would also allow this doctor to come into the courtroom as a hero and plead with the judge to release her for long term treatment under the Good Doctor's care. There probably would be carefully written contracts offering the young celeb 6 figures for her cooperation.

Many congratulatory hand shakes and back slaps might also ensue, as this coup would help TV ratings as well.

How sad it is that we derive our entertainment from the misery of others. Much sadder are the leaches that enjoy huge profits from those same miseries. There aren't sufficient words to describe my anger at these parasites.

Now for the website.

I so badly wanted to express my opinion on this whole sordid affair. All one needed to do was register a user name, an email address and other general information. Part of the process was most certainly designed so they could sell the Erie Crackhead some good or service.

Maybe they knew that I have no money.

Erie Crackhead was not a suitable screen name for this stodgy, established internet bastion of thought and opinion. I did consider changing my clothes, so to speak, but being a chameleon is part of what made me the Erie Crackhead.

So to quote Popeye, "I yam what I yam and that's all I yam."

If my appearance excludes me from giving my opinion somewhere, regardless of how insightful or ignorant, well fuck 'em. The whole range of opinion is there now and the world won't stop spinning if my voice isn't included. It's just that my bloated ego yearns to be heard...

Note to self: Get over it!

Sadly, the internet is no longer the commercial free Wild, Wild West of ideas and thought of it's pioneering days. Today it is a pasteurized, homogenized and sanitized superhighway, littered with billboards everywhere you turn. In many respects it has turned into a profit center to milk cash from it's participants and travelers. Thoughts and ideas are buried or sold under it's ads.

Lady Bird Johnson would have a stroke if she were here today.

Now, if I can only get someone to slip the link to this post into that blog.


  1. From:
    two cents and keep the change
    May 14, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    A few kind words of ethics, from one I read, who is walking in Lyndsay’s shoes:

    How can a crackhead have more ethics and intelligence than a doctor?
    Read the link and weep.

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