Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who are the real criminals?

The real victims or casualties of the "War on Drugs" are usually the weakest. The ones who get nailed by the cops and other legal authorities are more likely than not the end users.

The jails are being overcrowded by harmless potheads, paranoid crackheads and the like who's worst offense was to be in possession of a small amount of some illegal or controlled substance. Most of these unfortunates probably never did a thing in their life to warrant arrest for any other crime. Only a very small minority of crackheads will rob a convenience store for a hit.

Most of us just endure until some money shows up.

Anyway, the Erie Crackhead isn't going to go into a sermon about the failings of the "War on Drugs." There are people who are much smarter bout such things than he. Addiction Inbox has an excellent posting about it's failings and the consequences we suffer as a result. You can check it out here:

It does piss me off that to get a job flippin' burgers you have to pass a piss test, credit check and background check. Is it me, or is the world today a place where we're put under a microscope and any variation from perfect dooms your future?

No wonder the welfare rolls are clogged and homeless shelters are overflowing.

OK. Back to the usual psychotic rantings you know and love.

I think.

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  1. Absolutely true that Drug Wars always focus on picking off the low-hanging fruit. Minor dealers, minor users, pointless busts that always look good in the local papers.


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