Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's been too hot!

While the temperatures have been tickling to 90s, doing much of anything has been an effort for me. No air conditioning, a few fans to recirculate the humid air and feeling sticky all the time sucks.

So what is a crackhead to do?

Well, he goes to the library and sucks up some of their wonderfully air conditioned air. He wanders the stacks and looks for something interesting to read. He (I) also cue up for the computers so some posts, both to this blog and other places can be done in relative comfort. Yes, I have been to places much warmer and miserable than what is being experienced in Erie, but you still can only take off so many clothes when it gets HOT!

I am in a great mood because of a visit from a close relative the other day. This person hasn't seen me or talked to me in a long time. Much longer than I was comfortable with to be certain. I'm not certain, exactly, what this person feels about that absence, but it hurt me to my core.

That absence was my fault, and I am trying to make up for that neglect.

Baby steps I guess.

After the visit, I sent an email off to them with (gasp) advice. Hopefully that is taken in the spirit it was given as my only hope is that they succeed in any endeavor they choose to tackle.

Parents tend to do that type of crap, whether it is welcomed or not.

Yeah, my visitor was one of my kids. That visit really did make my day, week, month and year. Actually the memory of that short encounter has me tearing up right now. Your not supposed to cry in the library.

People tend to look at you a little funny.


  1. awesome, parenting again...things are getting different! great going!

  2. My children are grown adults now. You have an opportunity that I passed up on. Maintain, keep some basic techniques in mind when you use and things may go in the right direction. Resist the urge to go MIA and keep money with someone safe. Also make damned sure you keep promises made to your kids. That's where I fucked up and have paid a heavy price.


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