Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Pretty Good Day

For a change it was a pretty good day for me as well.

It's been pretty warm and muggy for the past few days. It looks like this part of the world is going to be like that for the few days as well. While there is no air conditioning in my home, the fans placed around do make it somewhat comfortable.

I decided that spending time at the library would be a little more comfortable than sitting around here. Getting out and among people is also a good thing for the Erie Crackhead. I know that fact, it's been mentioned here before. Most importantly, people who know nothing of this blog or of my taste in recreational drugs urge me to get out more often.

So I did.

As always, it is a bit of an adventure to get out of this place. Why I don't do it more often is at times a mystery to me. Well, not a complete mystery, but more than few beautiful days have been wasted because of my reluctance to get my ass in gear. It could be added up to depression to some degree, physical discomfort and the hassle of just getting out that hold me back at times.

That's even a consideration when crack isn't involved at all as well.

But as mentioned before, getting out does supply a bit of adventure and little surprises that would never be experienced inside my coop. Today was no exception in that regard. As I cruise on down the street I always smile at the people who cross my path. Pretty ladies always get a bigger smile, as they should.

Getting on the trolley, there was a lady who was watching, from what I could get from the conversation, her two nephews. They had never been on a bus before and were full of questions. One was, "How does the driver know when we want to get off?" The curiosity of children has always amazed me and today's exposure to that was no exception.

When the trolley was close to the library, I asked the young lady in charge of the boys if they were getting off at that stop. No, they weren't. Oh, OK..I was going to let one pull the chord that rings the bell. I rang the bell and hopped off.

Thinking back, I should have just let one of the kids pull the chord.

Anyway, I returned my DVDs and picked out a couple of new ones. I also put in a reservation for a new DVD that is going to be available shortly. Continuing on I went to the second floor to play on their computers. What internet junkie is going to pass up playing in an air conditioned environment.

After running out of time at the library, I took the trolley to Mickey D's. that's my buddy Greg's hangout. I found out how well he knows the place. An employee was trying to help a woman, who appeared to be a outside salesperson of some sort, get set up with power for her laptop. McDonald's does have free WiFi, which is a fact filed away for later use.

Anyway, Greg had to point out where the power outlets were located to the employee. There are only two in the place and they are widely separated, but Greg had that fact down. The reason this surprised me is that Greg doesn't have a laptop or need of a power outlet for any other portable device he might possess. I think he has a cell phone for emergencies.

I'm almost sure that he doesn't buy enough Big Macs to be this knowledgeable about that place.

After shooting the breeze for awhile, I make my way out the door and continue up State Street. Looking around, you can see preparations underway for Erie Days, which is less than a week away. I do intend to make it that festival, as this will be the only time this year for me to see fireworks.

While watching them is great, I would rather be the guy who fires them off.

Cutting through the park, the usual suspects were there. Staking out spots, BSing with friends and watching the kids cooling off in the fountain. I haven't really checked out the farmer's market set up there yet, but they will be doing business until the snow falls around here.

Snow is a four letter word and should be miles from my thoughts on a day like today.

Anyway, a little tired and a little over heated from the weather, I made it back to my home without any negative consequences. I saw some things that I would have missed had I not gone out, I also had a chance to catch up with an old friend.

Sometimes adventures do not have drama, suspense or spectacular displays. Sometimes it's an adventure to wander around just to see what there is to see. And sometimes, well, most times, you learn something you didn't know and wouldn't have known if you stayed hiding away indoors.

Like where the power outlets are located at Mickey D's.

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  1. Wow! Great post. I am glad you had a good day.


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