Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

A new day in a new month. We are still 2 months from the New Year, but it and Christmas are creeping up on us. The weekend was mostly uneventful

Friday night had me taking a few hits, after a bit of cash was discovered. I had some weed to come down and things went OK. So far as OK with a little pile of crack can go anyway. Saturday was laid back as was Sunday.

Saturday, because it was Saturday night was given to a few beers and a bit of weed. Nothing extraordinary took place beyond making a few silly posts to Facebook. A few people laughed and that's OK. They were friends who know if I was hanging around on the computer also knew I wasn't frying my brains with rocks.

Sunday was also a laid back day. Listening to the radio, then watching a bit of TV, anticipating watching the Steelers play NO in the evening. There was only one problem with that though. When the kids are back from school, the parking lot behind my place is full of cars. Sometimes those cars are left running. When that happens I can't tune into the NBC affiliate, Channel 12.

I also can't do this while my computer is running either.

Getting cable service for my TV is a possibility, but who wants to pay those outrageous fees for a few hours of entertainment a week? Paying to watch the Steelers lose isn't really my idea of a good time. Some television watching did take place though, the news and news programs were checked out. The new Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery was also checked out as well.

While the first program in that series was great, the second show was a bit of a letdown. Show three promises to be a gasper, but all I can say is that the program Sherlock is by and large a HOOT!

With all that, nothing of any significance happened and the world is still spinning.

Don has had enough money to keep himself properly donkey faced for the whole weekend. He isn't coming by. I think after learning about my tucking away some vodka for emergencies he doesn't want to share. The plus side to that is not having to worry about his returning safely to his place. Not having to disturb our neighbors to carry him back is a plus as well.

They do have better things to do than worry about Don or I.

So after a by and large, boring weekend on can say there have been better and there have also been much, much worse periods in my life.

Better is well, better.

Oh! Tomorrow is election day. The Erie Crackhead votes and if anything that should be good cause for you to vote as well.

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