Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carpet Farming

Is not just about being out of crack.

Carpet farming and a handful of other seemingly strange behaviors are the result of either having ones OCD kicked into high gear or the power of suggestion playing in your mind. Now, there is often the case where you might see some crack head on their hands and knees when the party's over, but what I'm talking about is searching while there is still a big pile on the table in front of you. While it is something that I have engaged in, there are those who take it to an entirely new level.

Dropping some crumbs, or even a whole hit will get you running your fingers through the rug. Sometimes the sloppiness of yourself or whoever is with you will set off this behavior. Sometimes it just looking down and seeing a white speck standing out against a darker background. Most likely it's the crumbs from the popcorn you ate earlier in the day, or in the week or sometime last month. I have been guilty of leaving crumbs of one sort or another on the floor just for the amusement factor.

Bad Crackhead.

Often though, this type of thing can be triggered when one person starts it, then rest of the party will start looking downward as well. There are times you might walk into a room of two or three smokers on all fours, searching for crumbs. Also are the instances were somebody is going though their pockets, purses and even taking off shoes looking for a hit. You can't imagine the amount of pocket lint I've seen smoked.

The funny part is that this happens when someone gets a really good blast in themselves.

Behaviors vary from person to person when that big one takes over in the brain. Some folks will change seats, have to walk around or just stand up. That is usually my reaction. Other people become very still and want to listen to what is going on around them. Here again, is another of my reactions. There is also the strong sexual component to that drug's effect on ones mind. This has been the case with me as well. More often it's a male type thing and women go someplace else in their minds.

I have often thought they fantasize about going to the mall and shopping.

But get one smoker to start crawling, even when there is plenty of dope left, you'll invariably get others to at least start looking downward. While there are those instances where it might be game, the suggestion that there is a twenty piece hiding under your chair is strong. The funny thing is, despite the odds sometimes there really is a big chunk sitting there.

So in the weird freak show that crack runs through ones mind, Carpet Farming is one of the more benign reactions.

Makes you want to go right out for a twenty, now doesn't it?


  1. ...what I'm talking about is searching while there is still a big pile on the table in front of you. ...
    So, you look below for crumbs while sticky fingers pinch your supply on the table above?
    Shaking my head in disbelief!

  2. Yep, that happens at times. Some people will play your reactions or run other little stupid crack head tricks occasionally. The one's that say, "You can trust me," warrant a closer watching and invariably are the ones trying to pinch a few extra hits. They are also the ones that are avoided in the future.

    The bottom line is it's only dope.

  3. I used to do that. Carpet crawling. Ugg, even after I quit I was doing it for a few weeks. It's nasty stuff, but I quit it and got a master's degree and moved on with my life. I think you can too!!!


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