Saturday, January 29, 2011

Five days

It has been five days of hitting a pipe and now it done.

For awhile anyways.

Last Tuesday was money day. Bills were paid, food and other necessities were bought. Things that needed to be taken care of were and I've come out the other side fairly scar free. I don't think anyone else was damaged in this particular run as well. Well maybe not too badly as a friend got beat trying to buy something off the street. Not that they didn't know the risks, but for the small amount of money lost and perhaps a bruised cheek perhaps some lessons were learned.

Those kids out there will rip you off in a heart beat.

There is that period where there is money to buy drugs and no one was answering the phones. That is frustrating to say the least, especially when you are starting to come down and in your mind the party isn't over yet. But when the Dude says he's on his way and four hours later he is still a no show, you get more than a bit edgy. That is one of those times that you start thinking that going out to find something is the way to go.

Those are also the times when getting beat for a few bucks, getting literally beat for a few bucks and some wild adventures start to unfold. I've gone on those excursions, looking for just a twenty piece and returned home close to a week later.

Anyway, until a bit of cash comes around to me or someone gifts me with a few hits, it's back to nearly normal. Whatever the hell normal is nowadays.

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