Monday, February 28, 2011

A Crackhead in Erie

This is the last post I'll be making in this blog.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of reasons for that, but primarily it has gotten out of hand. Firstly because my anonymity has been shot in the ass. I have no one to fault for that beyond myself.

Betraying my own anonymity has had some negative effects on me and on the people who are close to me. Well, maybe not close to me, but people who have known me in the past and those who may have wandered through my door recently. Some people have used that association, either in real life or in online situations as a freak flag of sorts. That has created some tension and bad blood.

My fault for allowing that, not theirs.

The other thing was that this blog was supposed to be a place to write about what was happening in my life and to be used as a tool for making improvements in my life. In some regards that has happened but some things changed in a negative fashion. While I started this essentially as a guide post for me, I started writing to an audience. Not good. I also started writing at people.

That is even worse.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I felt hypocritical. Who the hell am I to tell people what is right or wrong. I became someone who I would avoid at all costs when someone started in on me in any fashion. Jimi Hendrix said, "I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to."

So that philosophy will be applied to myself and those who I may meet down the road.

A new private blog has been started. No one has been invited to see what's contained within it at this time. I'm not sure anyone will be able to view it at all. It's a matter of trust and I have little trust in many people and even less for myself.

The other part of this is that I have discovered something that frightens me to no end. I am really good at playing people. Manipulative to no end with an eye towards getting what I want and to hell with anyone else. The most terrifying part is that I am an expert at getting over on myself. That might well have little to do with hitting a crack pipe and more to do with just being selfish.

So I leave those of you who for whatever reason have read this blog with this:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How readers have gotten to this blog.

It does appear that a great many of readers are indeed locals. That is supported by the fact that the vast majority of visits have been from local sources, such as and More than a few were referred to this site through searches on the different engines available to us all.

The focus of this post is some of the search terms that brought those readers here. I'm not certain they found what they were looking for, but I thought that answering some questions posed by those searches might be helpful to someone.

Or not.

Anyway, the following is a list and my response to some search terms that have shown up on the stats for this blog:

Crackheads in my neighborhood.

There are places in Erie that do indeed have an over abundance of smokers wandering around. Even in the depths of winter, they can be found on certain areas, hustling to scrap up enough to get a twenty piece.

I can only imagine the frustration of some residents in these neighborhoods because of the apparent drug seeking behavior. Girls on the stroll and johns circling the the streets, dealers wheeling about looking for their customers, crackheads ducking between houses or into an alley to do a quick hit doesn't enhance in a positive way the aura of a neighborhood.

Not to downplay this, but Erie is fortunate in that this activity is not nearly as bad or as evident as it is in others cities. But if you know what to look for, you will find it anywhere.

To look at that search in another light is that there are crackheads in almost every neighborhood. From the center of the city to gated and guarded exclusive developments in some of the wealthiest communities in the country where having the right key code or having a guard buzz you in are a requirement of entry.

So basically, we're everywhere.

My ex (all types apply) is a crackhead and left me for someone else.

Throw a party and don't find a new crackhead to replace the one who left. Unless of course you are a smoker as well, as they may come in handy to get what you need.

Missing in action.

Well if there were doubts in your mind about someone being involved with crack, this is a sure marker. People wonder and fret. Loved ones anguish about what could have happened. Hospitals are called and in some cases even the police.

Usually three or five or more days later the MIA returns burnt out, broke and perhaps without their vehicle. Tall tales ensue and promises are made, but essentially the crackheads well guarded secret is revealed. The shit hits the fan and this is where many of us make our way into our first rehab.

That's right, first rehab.

It should also be mentioned that after that first big run, the blossoming crackhead will hide out in the D&A or psych ward of their local hospital. That's so they can figure out a good line of bullshit when finally confronted by family or friends. Whether they are aware of it or not, hospital staff and counselors are also great at supplying material for the end tale we may weave.

It's called "The 12 Steps."

How to find someone mentally incompetent in Erie, PA.

Sadly, one need not look too far walking around in downtown Erie. Many of the homeless have serious issues. Even those who have some sort of shelter seem to find themselves in or about the center of this town. Many I suspect are coming or going from the various social service agencies as well as the places where a hot meal can be had to get them through the day.

I tend to believe that the number will increase as funding for those agencies as well as other programs gets squeezed out of government budgets at all levels.

And that is a sad state of affairs.

Can you trust a crackhead in jail.

That might be one of the only places you can trust one of us. The subject of trusting crackheads is covered in other entries to this blog.

What will a crackhead do sexually.

There are a few variations on the query, but that was the one that stuck with me. About the same things you, you or even you would do sexually. Sometimes it will happen quicker but all too often the focus is on the drug and all other interests are way beyond secondary.

21 year old girl needs money in Erie, PA.

That one still has me scratching my head.

There may be one more post left in me for this public place, but again the blog will not be added to by me after tomorrow and comments will be shut down as well.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Early morning September 8, 2010

I had been doing way too much "medicine." As in, let's see how much I really can take. Happily, as I live on a fixed income and have spent most of my money on evil crack, it doesn't take too much to get really fucked up.

It's that stream of consciousness crap that often happens to those who partake. I wasn't going to do anything with it beyond save it in an email file. But since this blog is coming to an end, I thought I would share it with anyone interested.

Those who have had conversations with me while I or we were stoned already know how I am under the influence of cannabis. By and large an insufferable smart ass. For the most part it's just stupid fun. But I was indeed having a conversation with myself. Part of writing it in the first place was too see what it looked like the following day. Now I know why I took so long to look at that note to myself.

Silly insanity, totally unedited spew follows with apologies to Betty White and Sam Kinison, where ever you are:

Now...this is fucked up, but..
Am I or have I been just a crazy loon lost in his own world. Wondering whether the rest of the world cared, or if he even did himself. (This warrants serious editing tomorrow).

Some say crazy, ohters say lost.
I prefer lost, but who knows?

Some say...and I'm not quite sure of what all is said, but ...(I've gotten lost in my own minds mirages)

And all this because of a few hits of "medicine." Is it? Yes, in a way it is, like soma in "A Brave New World." Yes, as in it will make the lives of many with ailments traditional treatments have been useless. And all of this does indeed have it's pros and cons, the results either way, frighten me.

Good thing I'm not sending this anywhere public. I have done so in error in the past, and that makes me uncomfortable to know that there are those who recognize that I do lose inhibition on occasion.

Will this make any sense to anyone, especially me tomorrow? I guess we'll find out.

Should I continue to ramble or just call it quits right here.? (Fruedian slip...or just me fuckin' with me?)

Saving this bullshit for the future might be a waste, it might aslo be a shame it it were not saved.

Yep...The whole world is crazy, except for you and for me, but sometimes I'm not to sure about you. Who owns that quote?

Some say that I'm crazy. There are those who say that I'm just lost.
I'm going with lost. I hope...

So, where did that come from? I must have seen it someplace. Wondering around, trying to find myself, becuase, yep I was lost.

Or is this just me doing a mental "Beer Barre Polka" with whoever stumbles into this place.

If I have offended anyone, tough shit. You knew what I was like when you invited me into your fucking computers! I was in one of those moods like the comedian who wore the beret...long hair. I'll look that up tomorrow AM)

This may be edited later, when I'm not so fugged up, to increase impact on bullshit I deem in need of more impactiveness, and to softener shit that may put me in a poor light. (You ain't got balls sonny if you don't post that with everything else above it...Do ya'?)

I wonder what you'll think about all this horse shit in the morning. And fuck, wouldn't you know. I editing while i'm writing this and trying to say it won't be edited in the mornig beyond the editing that might be allowed somewhere above where you're reading this.) Some how this all sounds oh so fucked up. No more editing..tonight anyway. yeah right. Maybe.

I'm not sure if another toke is in order as things are starting to fall into place. Like what am I doing writing this nonsense and waiting to see what come out the other side in the morning. Part is to see if any of this makes sense when read in a different light. Part of me is still on the lost or thing.

Would it be correct to think that there is a baby boomer equivialnt of Sex and the City. Comprised of widows, spinsters, divorcees and mothers. Wait, I'm sorry. they sort of did that in the past. Golden Girl's. And yes, Betty is still hot. She so sweet...

OK...the buzz is wearing off. It's time to send this. Where it goes is where it is you got your balls.

I'm gonna' do a toke after I hit send..So fuck you all.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Right,, wrong or otherwise...

This is how I am going to do this...

I have at least one more post to this blog to do yet. It concerns some things I've discovered in the stats. In particular, questions raised in search terms some have used to get to this blog. Some of which I find amusing and others that are indeed disturbing.

But that's not what is going to be addressed right now.

I will be making no more entries after March 1st in this public place. A private blog will be set up with the possibility of those with sincere a interest to be allowed to view and comment on. I'm bouncing back and forth on that but writing about what I know and what I feel has helped me to a degree. There have indeed been comments in this blog that have given me food for thought and have helped immeasurably.

Not all feedback has been ignored.

In the seventeen months that this blog has been in existence there have been over 10,000 views. Not a lot by internet standards, as there is a particularly narrow focus on who might be interested in this type of material. But someone is reading it and hopefully getting something positive from what has been written here.

Or it could be one person with OCD that keeps clicking on the link.

Seriously though, the stats do point out some things that make me believe this might be required reading for a psych class. There are weird spikes in readership, when say 12 to 25 views are made all at one time. The spikes have little to do with when a new post is published, but are at regular intervals.

It also just might be the Crack Blog of the Month Club.

My hope is though perhaps there might be someone out there who can figure out the right words to say to a crackhead to make them stop and say to themselves, "Oh, fuck! Why didn't I see that myself."

There certainly those out there who will say that I just don't want to see the obvious. Then again, maybe I've gone too far.

There is also one doctoral candidate that is using at least some of this for source material for their thesis. It is entirely possible that what is in that thesis will kick my ass, but I do so want to read that paper after it's been submitted. Hopefully their submission will be well accepted and my awareness of their presence won't hurt the veracity of that thesis.

I also hope that whatever is gleaned from this personal crap publicly displayed will help them help others.

Lastly, there are those who haven't commented publicly, but have sent me private emails. I guess those were the ones who really got what I was trying to do here. People in my shoes or with someone close to them with similar problems in their lives. I'm crossing my fingers for all of us.

With all that said, the blog as published to March 1, 2011 will stay online. Comments will be shut down and I will no longer make a spectacle of myself and others here.

Well, not here anyways...

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Circus or a Sideshow

Effective March 1, 2011 this blog will be taken off line.

It has become apparent to me that it may be in some ways causing more harm than good. There are issues of guilt by association regarding some people who know or knew me being affected by what I pour out on this.

My original intention was to write about what life was for a crackhead who also happened to live in Erie, PA. In some respects I feel I have painted a picture that sufficiently lets the world know what a miserable condition this is to endure.

I also wrote it as a guidepost for myself in what progress I've made toward abstinence. In all honesty, I haven't done too well in that regard. I also have to re-examine my "Harm Reduction Plan." In some cases that may well be in need of serious tightening up. In particular to harm I may have done to others.

I also fear that too many people are aware of who I am and some other characters, while unnamed are also known by some. Hurting people was not my intent. I fear I may have done just that...

I will continue writing, but it will not be available to the general public. I really need to find out what my real goals are if any and how I might attain those goals.

I just feel that there are too many who are reading for entertainment value or trying to live or relive a junkie life vicariously through this blog.

That's fucked up.

Until March 1st, those who have a real interest, for what ever reason are welcome to get what they need. After that it may be opened to those who have a sincere interest in what this is all about. Maybe it will help someone. I had thought was the case at one time and now I am no longer sure of that fact.

This is no soap opera either...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I learned this awhile ago.

When one finds themselves in a situation that makes them uncomfortable this technique works rather well. It's not particularly easy to do, but with practice and staying focused it will do the job. This is called DEAD. It's simple as hell and goes as follows:

Don't Defend, Explain, Argue or Deny.

If you do you're DEAD. You leave an opening for more bullshit or for a situation to deteriorate completely in a bad direction. It's not a negotiating ploy, it's an end game position.

I've used this with a great deal of success, if one wants to consider a way to get someone out of your life. It creates a clean break with whatever or whoever is causing grief or aggravation. This also may leave people with a bad feeling towards you for awhile, but time does fix that problem.

In most cases anyway.

While it may be embarrassing to admit this fact, I most likely am on the receiving end of this action. But you know what, in long run that may be the best thing for everyone involved. As a matter of fact I am doing what I can to facilitate this as well. Losing phone numbers, changing statuses and dropping "friends" on social networks. That will make it harder for me to exasperate a situation I have so many mixed feelings about.

The thing is that it really isn't all about me. There are things and people much more important involved. I'm a selfish bastard, but I'm not that selfish.

I'll go back to messing with people who have nothing more than I to lose or those that I couldn't give a rats ass about. It will also decrease the feeling of walking on eggshells as well.

For me anyway.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's so nice to get out!

So yeah, I'm at the library taping this out.

I did not rush right in here to sit in front of another damned computer right off the get go. I enjoyed the trip here. I stayed outside in front of the library just watching the people come and go. Kids on a bus from one of the charter schools are paying a visit. Moms with their little ones to pick up of return books and videos. I hope it's not just videos, but that's just me.

People on their lunch breaks, taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. Women wearing a little less also didn't hurt my eyes either. Certainly not summer dresses, but you could tell they were women out of their over sized coats that usually are worn this time of the year.

The homeless and mentally ill were out and about as well. For some reason the break in the weather even seemed to put a smile on their faces. This is Erie after all and even the well off or well adjusted usually have a sour look on their faces this time of the year.

It is good to get outside and away from the blanks walls and depressing atmosphere I endure most of the time. There really is no one to blame but myself for the self imposed solitude. Well, I can blame the lousy weather generally in force this time of the year, but even that shouldn't be cause for staying in my hole as much as it seems.

My other bad habit is cause for that in part.

What other bad habit?

This is my other bad habit. Sitting in front of a computer, beating on the keys or clicking a mouse for this site or that one. Clicking on YouTube tunes that strike my fancy or songs I haven't heard in awhile. I tend not to listen to the radio other than to WQLN, so I am not entirely up to date on current trends in popular music.

Frankly most of what I hear today that's current sucks anyway.

Your mileage may vary.

But this has been a good attitude adjustment. With some crap that has been going on, mostly my doing, getting around people has been a tonic. Getting away from Don has been a biggy as well. He has hit the jackpot, so to speak and now is rarely coherent most of the time. He has been throwing money at me and a neighbor, who I think threw it back at him, but gift horses like this are not to be over looked by myself.

The neighbor returned the money, I think, as they do not want to be running a private delivery and taxi service for him. Who can blame them, as they have things of their own to worry about and certainly don't need the burden Don would provide. When it comes to doing the needy act, Don makes me look like a rank amateur

I did check on him on my way out the door. He wanted me to pick up something for him at the store. The weather is decent, he could stand and not fall and he needs to get out as well. He was told he could get his own damned chocolate milk. Trust me, my intention was not to be mean as he had thrown too much money at me last night.

I hope he doesn't hold that against me the next time I work him for a few bucks. Now to find a dude who'll answer his phone.

Time is running out here so the return trup awakes.

It's so nice to get out!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It is complicated.

But Douglas Adams may have been right. Maybe the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. That was the answer that the mythical computer Deep Thought spit out after an enormous amount of time pondering.

You do need be careful how you phrase questions when asking a computer, as they tend to be quite literal. Check that, the results are absolutely literal. Figurative responses at this point in time seems to be outside a machines capability and capacity. They are working on that, but it'll be awhile before the complexity of that function becomes part of the hardware and software.

Too many variables.

If Deep Thought had been a crackhead, the answer 42 would not have been forthcoming as it was in the book or the movie. Yes, I know that answer didn't come quickly, but I can imagine a constant demand from within Deep Thought along the lines of, "Processing functions will discontinue until another twenty dollars are deposited."

I am jealous of those who enjoy a simple life or at least a simpler appearing life. Not too long ago, my life was terribly uncomplicated and simple to a degree. Not a lot of possessions to worry about, which seem to complicate the lives of others. Not too many people to worry about, as I have by and large chased away, ran from or was abandoned by most people who have entered my life.

There are some exceptions, and that for the life of me has me mystified. Then again some of these people have looked a bit further than the crackhead, or knew me when I was an entirely different person. In many respects a button down collar Oxford shirt, navy blue V-neck sweater, khaki slacks kind of guy who liked vanilla ice cream. I'm very certain that guy will never return.

Crack wasn't part of the equation at one point in my life and I've stepped up to French Vanilla.

But since wandering off as I have, there have been people who have entered my life based solely on drugs. My drugs, their drugs, my cash or theirs. What I could give them and what they could give me. Playing off each other to get a buzz. Playing off each other to keep the buzz going. Playing off each other to get other things that may have been missing from our lives as well.

Crack has been a big reason some people have gotten close to me. Some have gotten too close. But the fact of the matter is if crack wasn't in the mix, many people who have wandered into and back out of my life over the past twenty years, wouldn't have given me a second thought.

Think about that little fact.

When there are differences that start with say age, outlooks, responsibilities, experiences, likes and dislikes, physical abilities or lack thereof one truly has to wonder about what the real attraction could be in a relationship. When the common denominator is a fucking drug, the outcome is predictable and not pretty. Take away the crack and the outcome might still be ugly.

I so wish I were wrong on that count.

Personal experiences, as well as anecdotal and empirical data all seem to bear that out to a great degree. And while there are some exceptions, they are few and far between. I know smokers from my past who contact between us has been maintained to a degree. We talk about things beyond when we have had our last hit or who's shit is better. For a little while anyway.

So life is complicated. But I can complicate the recipe for boiling water.

A reminder for those who think there is too much dwelling on all of this. I write this shit for me, you just get to peek at it and hopefully are not living it for yourselves. There is a process I have to put myself through from time to time, pounding it into my skull until it sticks.

So if you're getting bored, there are millions of other blogs that you may find more entertaining.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yep, that works.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a hypocrite as follows:

Definition of HYPOCRITE

1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

Definition #2 will work just dandy for my purposes, as those who know me are also aware of a dynamic lack of virtue or religiosity on my part. But, boy am I a big time advocate for everyone in this world to not hit a rock.

For you, not me of course.

That's where the hypocrisy is for me. I'm big on that "Do as I say and not as I do" philosophy. For the life of me though, I can't understand why anyone would want to follow the same path as I have. Where I started in this and the people I knew from the past would rightfully want to avoid me at all costs.

Well, most people, as there are a few who are OK in accepting me for what I am.

I live in fairly Spartan conditions. No luxury suite by any stretch of the imagination. A few missteps from being on the streets without a home. Some safety nets have been installed, but those are my design. A mousetrap designed by a mouse is certainly going to have an escape hatch.

Witnessing my meltdowns, blow ups and freak outs online and in real life should also be enough to make someone say, that's fucked up. And it is largely from twenty years of screwing with my mental wiring that has caused me to certainly be irrational at times.

I read an article somewhere that ones inhibitions and morality could be altered by application of magnets to certain areas of the brain. I've been ingesting a chemical that has indeed placed magnets around my moral compass. In that regard, I go with what feels good and not necessarily what is the right thing to do in some situations.

While there are those who say, "What the hell, life is short and have fun," the thing is some of that fun sucks others in and may hurt innocents.

For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone who has read this blog, knows me personally and the conditions that I live or know what has been lost on every level would want to say, "I want to be just like Erie Crackhead when I grow up."

I do my damnedest to have a safe place for a few people. No one has been shot, stabbed, beaten or raped while in my company. Well, not beaten from a drug deal gone bad in a long time anyway. I also don't want any of the above to happen to myself as well.

I say that I'm "Mostly Harmless" and have been refereed to as a "Minor Threat." We all know that is bullshit now, as the harm is certainly not physical, but there are other risks that leave huge scars that don't show up for perhaps for years. Some of those scars may someday show up on those who have never set foot in my place.

So for now I'm a hypocrite, but I'll live with that for the moment.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snap, crackle and POP!

Some things are better left alone. Some things are better left in the past. Some things are best if stayed away from them entirely. Then the world is a much better place for everyone.

Trust me on that fact.

I have lived in this place for a bit over a year now. I've had a chance to meet some people I am OK with, some people I like and others I don't care for at all. All of them have to one degree or another brought out qualities in me that in part are good and other things that disturb me to no end.

Last summer and into the fall I was corresponding with someone who irritates me to no end. I no longer exchange emails with them because they were encouraging me to get out, go to the bars, to meet people, find a lover, to mix with society to some degree. I knew that shit was poison to me then and I even am more convinced of that fact now.

But a seed was planted and I thought it might be nice to test the waters.

Big mistake.

I was happy with people at an arms length. I would show you just enough to draw you in and then put up my wall. Being oh so charming, but a manipulative bastard is my craft and trade. Switches are flipped and buttons pushed without my even being aware of it myself. I would take what was needed from you and then shut you out before shit got out of hand.

It's starting to get out of hand. Well, for me anyways.

I have also engineered, participated in and had front row seats to some spectacular train wrecks. My own and those of others, again with some folks that I've liked and those I could give a rats ass about. The casualties and collateral damage at times have been devastating.

I don't want to see the one that's rolling down the tracks right now.

Monday, February 7, 2011

This is rare, but it happens.

Just this morning my door bell rings. I thought it was Don coming for coffee, so I just popped the door open. (Note to self, you know better than that.) It wasn't Don though, it was this guy who wants my pharmaceuticals.

So as he stands there asking, "Is anything happening" he flashes a rock in his hand.

Once upon a time, and not that long ago I would have invited him into my place. If only to give me time to figure how I going to get that rock from his hand to my pipe. Even at 9:00 A.M. that rolls through a smokers mind. If that smoker is jonesing, even a pebble looks huge.

Anyway, I don't like this guy. He's a pain in the ass in more way than one. In a sense it's like he has some sort of weird radar that let's him know when there is something somewhere for him. His presence aggravates me, with his loud demeanor and I always have this need to watch my stuff when he is around. His girlfriend, who wasn't with him is evil as well. A couple of weeks ago she tried to do a bum's rush into my door.

It didn't work that time either.

But, the rat bastard knows every crack heads soft spot and was trying to work it. Funny thing, as today was not his day. I didn't have anything he would be interested in having, and oddly enough the thought of having him in my home was enough to give him the broom.

A small victory?

Perhaps, but even a drunk will turn down a drink for time to time.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This has me a bit twisted up

Crack smokers are more likely to die from violence than from any other cause. Click on the title to see what I mean.

I have no statistics to back that claim. There probably isn't a study that reveals the odds of getting the living shit knocked out of you or killed if you follow this lifestyle. The threat of violence is always a possibility from any number of sources. I've seen it, endured it and have seen some of the aftermath.

Do you have any idea how huge the hole looks at the end of a barrel of a gun when it's pointed at your face? I don't advise further investigation in that regard.

I have had my home invaded by drug dealers who became their own best customers. I've seen women smacked around because they owed a dealer as little as ten dollars. I have seen people beat in my home because I spent money with the wrong dealer. I've robbed dealers for their money and drugs.

Big mistake.

There have been plenty of times I've seen the results of people getting jacked on the street. Regardless of the success of who ever was trying to rob them or me, there are always a few bruises.

There have been cases where I was attacked because I had enough and just wanted to take a break. Staying up for 5 days or more makes people act a bit strange. Throw crack into the equation and it can get real spooky. Irrational behavior is an understatement.

I have had moments myself, but self control or thinking it through or just plain exhaustion have saved me from serious consequences. Sometimes coming down sharpens ones ability to persuade or hustle or scam to get what they want. I now tend to go in that direction rather than the physical. Because of some limitations I'm more of a cerebral type of crackhead.

Yeah, right.

So now, I limit whats available for partying and am choosy in who is allowed into my home. That's no guarantee that things won't go south at some point in time, but I do what I can to lessen any negative impact on me or my guests. I also allow only one person at a time.

More on that in a future post, but I've had the rat bastards even steal my toilet paper.

The murder of that poor woman in Lake City is just one more example of what becomes to some of us. I can only speculate, but an educated guess from my perspective is her boyfriend didn't think the party was over just because there was no more dope on the table. She probably had had enough or didn't want to spend any more money.

The news reports say that they were on a binge, he strangled and then slashed his girlfriend's throat and grabbed her ATM card. He got $300.00, probably the maximum the machine would spit out or the balance in her account and bought more crack. From the timing of the death of his girlfriend until he called his mother and turned himself in, he wasn't quitting until all that shit was puffed up.

But that drug, the lifestyle and all the insanity that comes along with it claimed two more victims. One who thought she was safe with her boyfriend, doing a bit of end of the month partying and ending up dead. The other who wasn't ready to end the party and will spend a lot of his life in prison.

The sorry fact in this all is this, it's just dope.