Sunday, May 22, 2011

And then a week.

Nothing extraordinary in that but then there is...

Yeah, it has been a week since my last hit. I had cash to buy crack with as well. No crack was purchased. The thought passed through my mind to be certain but it seems that it just flitted through. The thought of scoring and the cravings that accompany didn't punch me in gut for a change.

Yeah, I had money in my pocket and didn't call the Dude. My regular Dude is still MIA. The other guys shit is shit and I had other priorities. I bought some weed. I threw money in for a propane tank for a recently acquired gas grill donated by the landlord. I bought some food items considered healthy and nutritious in some circles.

Fritos or crack?
Fritos or crack?
Fritos or crack?
Fritos won.

YAY, marijuana for intervening!

My take on my drug usage has taken a new perspective as well. I used to consider it problem. An issue that took a lot of energy from me in the way that I thought, acted and reacted. Now it is being considered more of a nuisance in my life. A nuisance that keeps me from doing things for, well me.

It is all about me, dammit.

In reality it isn't all about me. But getting me going in the right direction has an effect on what direction other things in my life might conceivably take.

Money will be coming shortly. Again, lists will be made. Things will be bought and bills will be paid. Money will be set aside and some little things will be bought, or attended or enjoyed that haven't been a regular part of my life for awhile. Nothing extravagant by anyones measure, but simply things that give pleasure.

A pint of Guinness, an ice cream cone, Chinese carry out or maybe a movie.

I'm easy that way.


  1. *It is ALL ABOUT YOU!* Yay! Erie! This post makes me happy because I can tell YOU ARE HAPPY! I am thrilled you have changed your perspective because this is where OUR POWER lies!

    Quadruple congrats, my friend! And, a big FAT INTERNET HUG! :D

  2. meow! all that AND a bag of fritos .. go figure! ex's and oh's .. my friend :)


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