Sunday, May 29, 2011

No cat..

Timing is everything. You have to show up at the shelter a little earlier than five minutes before it closes. But an application has taken along to be filled out and returned another day. That day isn't going to be that far in the future either.

I hope.

Rain, the most we've had in this part of the world for May has made getting out and about a bit problematic. Not in a major way, but I do know enough to get in out of the rain. Or stay out of the rain. In any event I didn't get too wet.

While I had made it a point not to find a new number, one kind of got dumped into my lap. So with money in hand and a twist in my guts, I made a call. Actually I made a few calls. Actually I made calls everyday from Tuesday through Saturday.

So I'm done for awhile.

Not going to call my friend who holds my money for more cash. Not going to play my neighbor Don into sliding me a few dollars either. He's been pretty much holed up in his apartment, so little fear there of his just wandering over with a pocket full of cash.

Sadly, it seems he's doing very little wandering anywhere, anyways.

In the mean time I'll be tapping my fingers, tapping on this this keyboard and hoping for better weather. Seeing people, talking with them, writing to them in some fashion or just waving Hi! will be occupying my time and keeping me busy until a cruise to the park is possible.

There is a kitty on my horizon though.


  1. there IS a kitty in your future! either way, whether it's one you may have briefly met the other day or perhaps have nor yet crossed paths with "her".. i suspect she will be a dark tabby tiger. i met one today sitting on the hood of a car at a yard sale and instantly thought of you as she nudged my hand with her face as though she REALLY meant it. yeah. she was cute with her lil white tipped paws :)

    unrelenting rain will bring anyone down - we all need that human contact as well as to just get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air! as your pal, i wish i could send you some hazy sunshine from here as an attachment. if i could, i would! chin up! it's just gotta head your way!! {{{HUGS!}}}

    in the meantime, as it rains, maybe you could sit back have a nice cocktail or a cup of tea and manage you music. .. i'm just say'n.

    always something fun to be done.

    smirking .. xo!

  2. awww. kitty. animals *RULE* sending {{{HUGS}}}


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