Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How can you tell when a Crackhead is lying?

That's simple. Their lips are moving.

And sadly, I did not follow my own #1 rule. Never trust a crack smoker, a dealer or anyone who has anything to do with that shit. Funny thing is that for some reason beyond me, I did exactly that and trust a smoker. Trusted them with my ATM card and PIN number.

How fucking dumb can one get.

Oh, wait. When you want another hit, common sense flies right through the window. Just plain fuckin' flits away without another thought. That's the way that shit works. Gimme' a hit, gimme' a hit, gimme' a hit.

And what did I get.?

Robbed for $260.00 and a bank account seriously overdrawn. A bad day that wasn't anything particularly new to me, but part of me thought I had a lot of that foolishness behind me.

How dumb can one get. When you're hitting that pipe, you never know what the hell is gojng to happen. The results, even in the best of consequences are not all that rosy.

The thing is that in this particular incident, shit will be flowing both ways. It's funny, but at one time I would have felt bad about this. Not anymore, not this time and not this one.

Fuck 'em.

People suck. And back to being the hermit existence that I was so happy with before. People tend to use you for what you have. When you don't have anything or aren't in a position to share what little I do have they tend to think that you're being a prick. This is that I have often seen, people with little to share, sharing what little they have. Some people tend to have entitlement issues though. If you have something, they think they are entitled to it.

Oh, well...No more Mr. Nice Guy.

I'll just keep my crippled ass in my hole and stay happy with what little I do have.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about this, you don't even know how sad it makes me.

    1. You've got to be the dumbest soab that ever lived...giving a crackhead your atm card and pin number.....

    2. Yep...

      There is no honor among crackheads.

    3. Same fuckin thing happened to me last night. Thought it was behind me as well. But I continue to want to trust people. I hope those days are gone. I don't want to trust anyone. People blow.

    4. You know, we know better. But sometimes we get seriously stupid.

      And the beat goes on...

  2. And do they start up smooth, lying through their teeth trying to cozy up to their next mark?

    Do they poor on that charm, trying to promote a glow of friendly trust?

    Do they share up front more than you really wanted to know, offering sordid gifts of little value but with a tone of great generosity, even declaiming the notion out loud that they might be trying to buy confidence?

    Do they have little, having learned to live frugally so as to be as close as possible to the poverty required by their selfish and stupid habit?

    Do they "need friends" but admit that they have none? Do they move into your space, invading it with diplomatic wiles, speaking in tones far too familiar, calling you family, good friend, brother, etc?

    Do they flatter too much, but always find ways to insert subtle, and sometimes not so subtle put downs?

    Aren't they always edging toward the day when they stab you in the back and run away?

    Who could trust someone like this?

    1. That is soo true lm in a relationship with someone like that,and everyday l wish he would move out of my house and away from my life.l know he uses crack he's a (closit crack head)and he's a landlord too,he always move in crack head whores.He's always putting up this superficial charm,l will be slick when l get rid of him by using a banishing spell lm so fucking sick of him.He don't want to clean up behind himself,calls me names like ; stupid,asshole,dumbass,and always act like this when l don't put out sex.Wish me good luck with my banishing spell l want him gone there is no future of me and him l don't like negative closet crack heads!!!

    2. This is so accurate (...on each of the points you made), it's scary!

    3. Afshin, you've pretty much nailed it. Which is why you should never trust a crackhead. Happy Some Day, someday they will be out of the closet. Then the shit will really hit the fan. Bail out while you can. Down Low, there aren't enough words to paint a completely accurate picture.
      And thank you all for your comments.

  3. And that's why I'd rather hang with opi addicts.. At least I know when they're sick and gettin desperate.. Crack heads think they're slick.. Tough love, mother f**cker.. That's the only thing they understand. Just make sure you have a clean get away when you call them on their bs.

    1. Yeah, junkies do get desperate when they get dope sick. Part whinny, part scary. In a sense, like a wounded animal one shouldn't get too close to... While both wander through my place from time to time, you're right though, crackheads will often try some shit when jonesing too hard. Junkies don't sit still when their guts start twisting, they are busy hustling to get their medicine. They don't have time to mess with a broke ass crackhead who has nothing to offer.

  4. Akin n erie you are so right. I was so trustin g and got used because I have a good heart. I finally came to my senses and left the relationship.crackheads are the lowest form of disgust.

  5. Crack addiction is a modern form of leprosy - stay clear.


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