Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How you doin'?

Who me?

Actually not too bad for the past few days. Getting outside more has been a help. Listening to the newly mostly sober Don has been enlightening to a degree as well. No calls from the Dude has enhanced that feel good feeling.

I say mostly sober Don, as he bought a bottle of wine a few nights ago. Ruinite Blackberry something or other. As he calls it, Ruinyournightie Blackberry wine. Looking out for his best interests I drank three fourths of that bottle.

Just doing my part, you know.

My good mood has been tinged with a bit of snarkiness.

Moo, the Wonder Cat has been challenging in that she believes my shower to be a littler box. I'm not sure if she's pissed off at me or confused. A friend suggested that I might be keeping her box too clean and she has lost the scent. More research into this is required. My chasing her around the house last night with a squirt gun probably didn't help the matter.

Not catching her in the act, she's might be wondering what getting her ass soaked was all about.

Safaris to the local convenience store, pharmacy and Dollar General have also provided opportunities to unleash a bit of pent up frustrations. Don and I discussed the possibility of panhandling the panhandlers.

Sort of like, "Hey, can you help a brother out?"
"Sorry, Bud, I can't but if you have any spare change it sure would be appreciated."

One fellow did piss me off. This guys routine is to sit there and ask almost everyone who passes for a smoke. He'll get a cigarette and immediately tuck it away. My guess is that he accumulates enough to carry him through for awhile and go elsewhere to smoke. So I sat a bench next to the one he was on and lit up a cigarette. Almost immediately he asks if I had another cigarette.

My quick response was, "No! Why don't you learn how to make them yourself, like I do." That may well have been better than my saying, "I don't smoke," with a cigarette in my hand.

Yes, I have said that on more than one occasion.

Anyways, for a moment I thought that clown was going to clock me. What happened instead was everyone around started laughing their asses off. It seems as though everyone who watched or hss been targeted by him at his game enjoyed that comeback. He looked away for an instant before hitting up the next guy walking by with a cigarette in their hand.

The shameless have no shame?

The funny thing is that since I have started making smokes myself, I'm a little touchier about folks who mooch them. I'm not sure what that is all about, but it's even gotten to the point where a neighbor asked for a cigarette a few nights ago. I gave her five made up smokes, a hand full of tubes , some loose tobacco and the little hand held machine to make them.

Then I said to her, "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day..."

Don't know how that went over, but hopefully she has developed a knack for shooting them out.

So, how am I doin'?

Today, I'm better than OK.

How YOU doin'?


  1. if your cat was still doing this after she was fixed i'd wonder more about behavioral issues as for currently; i'd chalk it up to hormones. have you tried the box in the tub?

    exercise is a fabulous release and also good for us - nice to hear it's been beneficial and before you know it, it will be dead winter.

    cigarette moochers .. do they give out free nicotine patches in your area? a nice suggestion to those mooching if yes.

    indulging here and there .. even if just some wine - personally, i believe in moderation over cold turkey. why set one's self up for failure if one can help it.

    for those over the top and do stop whatever their vices are all together, sometimes we need to take a step back in order to see the forest. =)

  2. My father used to walk around the neighborhood (once we lived in one, not the Camp) and pick up cigarette butts. Then he would carefully take them apart, soak the filters in water for a soak against potato beetles and smoke the left over tobacco in his pipe.
    When I smoked, I rolled my own. Batavia tobacco, black as sin and cheap, too. Ah nostalgia! Thanks for bringing it up, EC.

  3. don't clean the litter box with anything such as pinsol, lysol, or any such type of cleaner. Just soap and water, or bleach and water (very easy on the bleach).

  4. Bwahahah! I'm sorry about your kitty. I am a dog person, so I have no suggestions there. I am laughing about the cigarette mooch and your response to him.

    Speaking of rolling your own. Since I've relocated, I do that too! The most expensive thing was the machine I bought that injects tobacco into a tube, which creates a regular cigarette for FORTY BUCKS A MONTH!

    Do you know what a tube is? Its a paper rolled with a filter and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

    Pipe tobacco is not taxed (yet) so I evade the obnoxious three dollar robbery I used to pay for regular packs and enjoy a much better, additive free smoke at the same time!

    I would do this even if I was loaded. I repeat pipe tobacco is just as good and NOT TAXED! HAPPIEST DANCE EVA!

    The best is when cig moochers offer to buy a one off me.

    My typical response is, sure, if ya got five bucks for me, since your stupid change won't help me when I need the smoke your begging!

    Yeah. It's like that. I am not generous with my nicotine.

    Glad your having fun and well, my friend!

    Also hope Don's not too upset with himself for the wine. We are all human! Love ya.

    The best thing about where I live is the great tobacco and TUBES! These are cigarette papers rolled with a filter.

  5. P.S. Not sure about that random sentence at the


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