Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

The past year wasn't my greatest by any stretch of the imagination. It can also be said that last year certainly hasn't been my worst for that matter as well. I do know there hasn't been a great year for me in perhaps twenty years or more.

That's how long I've been hitting the pipe, so that speaks for itself.

My worst year may have been ten years ago, or was it three years ago? That matters little at this point in time because I survived it all and am here to tell the story for those with the endurance or interest to put up with listening to the tale.

As mentioned to a friend though, life is still an adventure to me. Sometimes you have to endure things you don't like, but that's part of the price for this E ticket ride. And how else can you describe something that has wild twists and turns, breath taking ups as well as downs. There are sudden stops and whip-lash starts as well as thrills and chills.

There are also parts that are peaceful and I can even say full of joy.

Last year had a bit of all of those factors. Friends were made and some were lost. Some just moved a bit away but certainly are not gone. Places were visited I have never been to before and hope to see again. People were met face to face and others who I have yet to have that pleasure. Some of those people are even considered to be friends. Real friends who can share without fear of judgement or fear of one's stuff being the source of gossip.

You really can't ask for much more than that and that really is the way it should be.

Things, while not holding the same importance to me as they have in the past, have been accumulated and little has been lost. Then again there really isn't all that much to lose.

And that's more than OK.

Finances aren't all that great, but they have been worse. But important things are paid for and real obligations are met. Nothing really gets saved, but I do have a taste for expensive recreational drugs. That shit ain't cheap, you know.

Yeah, I'm smirking too...


So today is the first of a New Year. I am still on the ride and despite the good and the bad of it, I'm not getting off of it this year. Well, at least if I have anything to say about that fact. While there may be those who disagree, I still am of the conviction that some choices are not all ours to make in this life.

There still too much to see, hear, taste, feel, learn and experience.

And yes, it's still an adventure.


  1. your perspective is inspirational! all i can do is sit here and smile :)

  2. Cracker, wtf? i stopped coming 'round when you said enuff words sometime back. Now I am around and you aren't.
    I quit finally. been outta jail from a quick 30 days and a 5 year piece of paper. no cigs and no crack. wtf erie. it's doable so far...very doable. this is the last rodeo fer me pard.
    Your words are real. Black elk speaks shit. i get a taste of the rock and poof ur gone.
    u better be ok. i see u other places but i respect u and ur privy...

  3. Hey Erie!

    Where the heck did ya go? I lost ya on FB, then I come over here to find you haven't posted since NYE? Are you okay? Hit me up at Let me know what's up, k?

    Love and hugs. GGR

  4. I've been reading your blog for a while now. I started reading mostly because I've been trying to help some one I love who has been struggling with crack addiction. It's gotten easier to fight the cravings for him. Slips happen far less often. He's been making a huge effort to get away. I've been reading and hoping that you've found a way to escape from the strangle hold of crack, but I know it is definitely not easy. I've experienced joy for your triumphs, and I've experienced sorrow for your pain. It's sad that I don't see you post anymore, and I worry that it's because the crack got you. You're a good person. I hope to hear from you soon on here, to know that you're alive and as well as possible. Here's me sending you support from all the way down here in Alabama.


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