Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And it was Christmas...

I went out onto the streets on Christmas Day to look around and buy a few essentials.

As it was money day and a holiday not all could be accomplished that was needed to be done. Smoke supplies were gotten, a couple of packs of factory made cigarettes and two new glass roses were bought.  A bottle of Diet Coke and twelve pack of "high gravity" beer was also picked up.

You know, the cheap stuff that tastes like shit but gets the job done.

The convenience store where I get my smoke supplies has acquired a beer license and so they have taken a corner of the place and set up some tables and chairs. The problem is that they had to drop a few items from there usual convenience store inventory.

Like bread and milk.

Chips, cookies, prepackaged baked goods and other junk food were in abundance. Soda, ice tea, energy drinks and that sort of thing filled the coolers as well. Let's not forget the back wall cooler that had a pretty varied assortment of import and domestic beer.

From high end imports to the shit that I bought.

I went to a few other stores in the hope that there would be someplace open to get those few extra supplies. There was no such luck as it appeared everyone wanted to take a day off from work. The only exception was the new beer shop. While the place wasn't packed, there were a few in there sipping.

The proprietors know their clientele and their needs.

One would have thought that the streets would have been deserted, and while the usual assortment of people weren't out that was not really the case. A few people could be seen walking  to or from some place. Judging from the time and direction they were traveling from they were probably leaving the Mission after having lunch.

A few did indeed seem to be wandering aimlessly. A couple of others were in the bus stops trying to catch a bit of a break from the cold and wind. One lady, upon hearing a distant siren started hollering "I got no warrants!  I got no warrants! Book 'em Danno!"

The Chinese restaurant was open as well. While tempted to go in, I wasn't really in the mood for their buffet and didn't feel like waiting for take-out. I guess I could have called for delivery, but by the time I returned home, the urge had passed.

Other things were on my mind.

One fellow was digging through the charity bin at Gannon University. He seems intent on improving or increasing his winter wardrobe. It just seems that when it gets cold around here enough layers are just not enough. He may also have been trying to work something out for some reasonable bedding

This scene very much reminded me of a picture I saw of Santa dumpster diving.

Same thing maybe, but different.

So had had my smokes, my beers and my new glass roses. Most everything got put away and the place was straightened up a bit.  A call was made as I got some cash.  Most was used to square accounts with the dude. With that I settled in and put a piece on my pipe.

Sometimes you just have to get away, you know.

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