Monday, January 7, 2013

A matter of perspective...

To be certain there are those who know little of me beyond this blog.

The pictures I try to project at times are not all that pretty. They are not really meant to be either, but there are flashes of good, perhaps even beauty that at times flow into my world. The consequences of my existence are also not a bleak as many might think.

Trying to be realistic though, this is not a lifestyle that any sane person would recommend to anyone.

There are facets, rather than compartments, of my life that are known to a very few people. There are those who know the unvarnished truth about the who and why of me.  The reason for that is we have shared ourselves with each other. The process was not something that happened overnight and certainly is based on much trust and sharing.  The number of these people who are real friends are much less than a handful and involve much more than what's in this blog.

There are more than a few who know little more about me than my oddball sense of humor and that really quite alright. A few get the jokes or understand the sarcasm used to not really mask but to more highlight opinions or feelings about one thing or another.  Another facet perhaps that is used to get to meet different people who either find me interesting or the other way around.

Shrugs... Or to suck them in to a degree.

To be honest though, there are not a lot of those even know about this blog or much about myself beyond the sometimes simple minded jerk that I like to play. Those who seem a bit more real or interested in who is behind the screen are invited to read this stuff.

And to be certain, there are those who read this blog who are totally unaware of my other...facets.

Which brings us here. Occasionally this tune is posted and it always gets my noodle working overtime. Every time it's watched something different is taken from the video. Probably every one who watches it takes something different from it as well. The artist's motivation could probably be Googled, but I won't bother.

That would probably spoil it all.

But today it seems to say that even in this fucked up world and in often shitty existence of many of those around us there are at times bits of beauty and joy.

Well, anyways today there are for me...