Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yes, there have been huge gaps between posts made in this blog.

When first started the posts were fairly frequent. Things that were happening to me and others around me provided a steady source of material to inform the world about. Things that 'normal' people never thought about in their day to day lives. Things that were also commonplace for the lost people like myself.

A few things of interest have occured since posting here...

In a past entry, Crack Kills, the guy who smacked his dealer in the head with a baseball bat was convicted. After pleading guilty to a general charge of murder, the charge ended up being first degree murder. That meant that Bobbie had to do some advance planning. For the life of me, this has me mystified, as he was at the best of times a couple of sammiches short of a picnic.

Crackheads being what they are though, this statement isn't surprising: 
" On the night of the killing, Page took a $500 payment from Quick to settle a crack cocaine debt. That all but depleted the paycheck Quick had received that day, Daneri said. He said the prosecution believes Page might have "rubbed that in," triggering Quick's admitted short temper."

It should also be mentioned that the victims family member said, on the deceased crack dealers behalf,  "He was a family man who never did anything wrong." 

Well almost never did anything wrong and Bobbie Quick will probably spend the rest of his days in prison.

Meanwhile, it is winter in Erie. Homeless overflow shelters are full. Funding and volunteers are needed to help those afflicted, often by no fault of their own, without a roof over their heads.  While one one has been found frozen to death behind a dumpster or a bus stop yet, it still is 53 days until spring.

In times like these any little thing can help.

Meanwhile, being a little more diligent in posting to this blog on my part will be a New Year resolution.

Shrugs...It could happen.