Friday, October 9, 2009

A Crackhead in Erie

Yeah, a crackhead in Erie.

Why not?

We really are everywhere. people just seem to ignore us. Many, but not all of the homeless suffer from that love/hate relationship with the pipe. It's a shame. In a very real sense, do you think these people want to be in the position they find themselves in?

People who have never been in that position just say it's a lack of character or will. 12 Steppers say we are the way we are because we haven't worked a proper program. The true fact of the matter is that approximately 95% of the people who get addicted to crack never really fully recover.

A little about me. But not too much. This is for many reasons an "anonymous blog." It really isn't because I would be embarrassed. Not really. The people who have witnessed my fall into the abyss might well be embarrassed by this blog. They've suffered enough.

I have been doing battle with this shit for almost 20 years.



No Kiddin'...

It has been a love/hate relationship. It has taken me to some interesting places where I've met some very scary people. it has taken me to very scary places where I've met some extremely interesting people. Some of those interesting places have also been a bit scary and some of those scary people have been extremely interesting.

This stuff has taken me as far west as Dallas, TX, north into Minneapolis, MN, south into Miami and up the eastern seaboard as far as Boston. The spots weren't the usual tourist trap type places. Most of the time anyway.

Anyway, this is the first entry into my new blog. The additions to it may not come on a daily basis. There are a lot of reasons for that. The first is that at the moment I'm homeless and don't have unlimited access to the Internet. Secondly, and let's be quite honest about this, I'm a crackhead. Would any self respecting crackhead interrupt a run to post to his blog?

Gimme' a break.


  1. I think your writing is great--keep writing, from one writer to another. Will keep you in my thoughts. Refreshingly honest. Best, D.

  2. Your comments and others are the fuel which keeps this engine running. Thank you!

  3. Starting at the beginning...


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