Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just because your paranoid...

Doesn't mean there isn't someone after you.

Face the facts. You are actually committing a crime. Possessing crack cocaine is a crime. In many states that crime is also a felony. Now, most police will not come busting through your door because you are smoking that crap in your house. But what if your dealer dude just walked in with a big pile of rock in his pocket?

Makes the scenario a bit different, doesn't it?

Chances of the police busting into your place at moment are sorta' slim. But there may be incentive for law enforcement to take a hard look at you if traffic in and out of the place you're at is heavy. makes things worse if the place in question is actually your home.

What better way to turn some smoker who may have something to lose flip against a high volume dealer. Especially if that dealer has gotten himself into the radar of local law enforcement. You could make that state as well as federal law enforcement as well.

Another situation is where you may have stiffed a dealer. I have had my own home invaded because I didn't buy enough crack from one unhappy dealer. Fact of the matter though is that he became his own best customer and the lack of business from me effected his ability to use the way he wanted to use.

Sometimes a smoker who expects that you have money and crack in pissed off because you won't let them share you stuff with them. They have entitlement issues. They think they're entitled to your crack. Sometimes they make enough of a fuss to draw unwanted attention to you.

Be careful who you let into your home. Also be careful who knows you have a couple of bucks or a couple of rocks.

A jonesing crack head is not to be trusted.

The other consideration is that a well meaning friend or family member is going to do something to blow your buzz. Intervention is a dirty word to me. It doesn't, in my humble and uneducated opinion do much good. Sometimes it fosters resentments in the target of that intervention that just make the situation worse.

Don't worry folks, I do know cases were the cops actually waited outside the target of an invention's apartment while he finished blazin' up his shit. This has happened in more than one case, but don't count on it happening all the time.

So....the next time you hear that odd little creak outside your door.

Yeah, I'm just having fun with you.


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