Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's good to have a friend

Today I had a couple of cigarettes to go with my morning coffee.

So much for the sharp tongue lashing out I expected to serve from lack of nicotine. Besides that, nothing too contrary happened during the course of the past day to set me off. That's if I discount the distasteful rolling billboards running around the downtown Erie area.

I'm not even going to comment on that subject.

What I am going to talk about though is kind of an extension of the conversation started yesterday about being alone and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding that condition.

In the local paper was an article concerning the discovery of a will for a person who died and wasn't found for 18 months. The poor lady had a friend who brought groceries and the like to her. Then the grocery supplier passed away.

It seems that when her friend died this poor lady's food source and company died as well. I can only imagine her slowly starving to death as she waited for her friend to bring something for her to eat. It should also be noted that the woman's pet dog died as well.

For 18 months no one noticed. For 18 months no one seemed to care about what may have happened to this poor woman. It's not as though she had no family. Her nephew had no problem rooting through her stuff after her death was discovered.

But I mentioned a will was found in the paperwork of the person who brought her groceries and spent some time with her before his passing. Apparently the nice lady meant to pass on her fortune, whatever it might have been, to this good Samaritan.

I wonder how good the Samaritan's heirs feel about any windfall they might receive.

Anyway...How hard would it be to call, or better yet, knock on the door of someone you know who is alone in this world. At the very least it might bring a smile to a face of someone who doesn't get too much company.

Maybe even treat them to a cigarette or two to go with their morning coffee. That will do much to improve their mood if they're a smoker who is out of smokes.

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