Monday, January 11, 2010

Nearly Normal


The past few days have been nearly normal. I don't have any cash right now. that is not a bad thing. No cash, no crack. I have plenty of food, a few cigarettes and have a warm place to spend the night.

What more could one ask for?

Well a little more human interaction wouldn't hurt my feelings at all. That is one of the reasons I go to the Mission or some of the other facilities that serve food.

The meals aren't bad and the company is welcome. Most of the company is welcome anyway. There are exceptions and thankfully these are few. Especially irritating are those who are critical of a free meal.

One thing that I do try to do every time I eat one of those free meals is thank the people who take their time to feed the poor, homeless and mentally ill. Those who are unable to take proper care of themselves or have no resources to make a proper meal on their own need all the help they can get.

How fortunate they are to live in this town.

No kiddin'!

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