Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's even worse than running out of crack is...

Running outta' cigarettes!

Some people would say that is not a bad thing. Of course those who talk that way are reformed smokers. The worst sort of character for someone who is having a nicotine fit to run into.

Since most of my friends suffer the same problems as I do, they too are low or out of cash. That means they don't have an extra smoke to throw my way. Just ask any of them. The response is sure to be, "Oh man, I just smoked my last one." or the usual "I've got but one left to get me through the day."

Smoking that nasty shit then adding tobacco to the mix doesn't make for great respiratory health. Hacking up great gobs of black gunk should make one pause a little. One would think that combining both of those addictions would shorten one's life span.

It doesn't seem to matter. Once that loaded stem or fresh Newport is in our hands, shortly thereafter comes out the Bic.

Oh well, the fact remains that I am out of smokes.

I'll just have to be extra careful about what I say and who it's said to. If no cigarettes come soon the next few days posts should be extremely interesting.

Maybe I'll pick on the Avalon again regarding it's lack of "public" restrooms.

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