Friday, April 30, 2010

A Day at the Park

At this point of time in previous months I would have been holed up in my home. Taking hits or waiting for the crack man. Doing mental battle with the IBI and avoiding anyone that might react unfavorably to my being high. Drawing the blinds and kicking myself in the ass for missing out on a beautiful day.

Yesterday though, was a day to enjoy like other people who weren't saddled with crack and the bullshit that went with it. So I took a stroll over to Perry Square.

The weather was perfect with temperatures in the mid 70s. The ornamental fruit trees were in colorful blossom. Oaks and maples were practically in full leaf as well. Shady and sunny spots alternated all through the park so everyone had ample choice in picking the right spot for themselves.

I found a great spot by the gazebo with the sun warming my back.

I enjoyed watching the people who wandered into and back out of the park. The moms and dads with strollers and perhaps an extra rug rat or two trailing along. The young ladies and men making their way to meeting friends or just hanging out to enjoy the surroundings. Younger girls, from the nearby college, trying to get a head start on their summer tan and tempting melanoma in their later years.

Older folks from the apartments in the downtown area made their way through or enjoyed sitting on the benches to read, people watch and enjoy the warmth. Office workers, mostly from City Hall and other government offices enjoying lunch or just a break from the constraints of their office environment.

Homeless people too were in evidence. Some I knew from the City Mission as past residents or from having lunch at the mission. They gathered in the gazebo sharing some conversation, beers and a little weed. Many would be there for the night.

It was more than fair weather that invited the possibility that they would be there all night. Some would stay by choice but others had no other option.

There were others who were scouting possible benches that would serve as their bed for the night. It was a bit early to stake claims, but as night approached they would be camped out in their chosen spot. As the night progressed food, beer, weed and yes a bit of crack would be shared amongst them.

Babooshka was there as well, doing her specialized form of panhandling. Who could possible refuse this cute little old lady a dollar or spare change as she hobbles along with her cane, . She and I eat at the same restaurants, so she doesn't bother me for money. I alway greet her with a "Hi gorgeous!" Her reply to me is always "You are a king."

King of what?

So I read my book, did a bit of people watching and enjoyed the heat from the sun on my neck and shoulders. A simple pleasure that requires no money. Just a bit of time with a somewhat clear mind and no monster raging to be fed. All it takes is a desire to be in a place where one can get a tiny glimpse of the world. A world, at least at that moment was without crack.

Everyone should enjoy some time in the park.

It's a lot easier when crack is taken out of the equation. Reading this entry a few months or a few weeks down the road may stall my making that call to the crack dealer. In many respects this blog has helped slow that down more than other methods I've tried.

Seeing where I've been has helped me to see where I would like to go in the future.

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