Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Long Weekend

Easter is this Sunday. With the library being closed then as well as Good Friday it's going to be hard to do much on this site.

That is good news and it's also bad news. The good news is that I haven't used in the past few days. Friday was when I did my last hit. Now I am being abstinent. It would be wonderful to say that this is happening by choice.

The fact of the matter is I'm broke.

You can't get high without money. Well, let me correct that statement. You can get high without money. It involves inviting crackheads into your home or working the dealer for credit.

Neither of those options are attractive to me at the moment. Having used both methods to kept myself geekin' n tweakin' on crack I know the outcomes are not favorable to my peace of mind.

You get caught up in a world that looks OK from a distance when all that bullshit is happening in someone else's home. Now you've brought it into your home. That changes the entire game and experience has taught me that that is not a good place to go.

I'm not that desperate. Not yet anyway.

Anyway, with the library schedule and uncertainty of proper transportation there may not be mush else going on here until this Monday.

Have a nice Easter, if that's your preference. Or just have a nice weekend. The weather in Erie is great right now, so I'm going to enjoy myself.

The spice jelly beans will certain help!

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