Friday, April 30, 2010

This is what I did...

I got my money on Tuesday. I had money orders made out for rent, electric and medical bills. Enough cigarettes were bought to get me through the month. I got cash to pay off debts owed to people who gave me money through the month or bought me smokes and other things.

And I got high.

The fact that I did get high doesn't please me, but it is what it is.

I'm a crackhead dammit.

What does please me is that I used less and spent less than in previous months. I got money to someone who won't let me have it back to buy crack. It was less money than I had planned to put away, but more than I've ever accomplished in the past.

In the past my totals for squirreled away funds equalled $0.00. Now I have $200.00 for a rainy day. Next month my goal is to at least match what I put away this month.

While I don't want to get too excited, things are looking up for the Erie Crackhead.

Too much optimism is a dangerous thing for a crackhead.

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