Thursday, July 1, 2010

My neighbor Don

There are not a lot of people moving into and out of my life. Well, usually people move out of my life, but there is the occasional friend who sticks around awhile. My neighbor Don is one of those people right now.

Don broke his jaw a couple of months ago when he hit his chin on a window sill. I suspect he was drunk when that happened. He never had it taken care of until last week. Now he will have to endure about 6 to 8 weeks of having his jaw wired.

Part of the reason he didn't have his jaw repaired was because he was impaired. Mostly impaired by vodka, which he would occasionally share with me. That and some vicoden, which he acquired because of the pain he endured from his jaw.

He also would share the vicoden with me as well.

That's really not my cup of tea, but it has helped me sleep a few nights.

Anyway, his assistance cash has dried up because of some legal complications. He also hasn't had any cash from other sources, so he hasn't been able to buy any booze. After a few shaky days he finally detoxed without any ill effects so far as I can tell.

So clear headed, he finally went to the emergency room to get his jaw fixed. Good for him.

Every so often I'll have had Don over for dinner. Since he broke his jaw I fix him either spaghetti, macaroni and glue or his favorite, scrambled eggs. Those were the only foods he could handle because of the pain he experienced.

Corn on the cob was definitely out of the question.

Like I said, in 6 to 8 weeks he will be able to eat solid food again. But until then he'll have to eat through a straw. Things like Ensure, Instant Breakfast and other liquid nourishment will be his staple meal until the grill work in his mouth is gone.

Now I'm wondering what I'll do for company at dinner until he's able to chew again? I can't hardly invite him over and eat a hamburger in front of him. That would be wrong in so many ways.

I guess if I want company for dinner I'm just gonna' have to figure out how to get beef stew through a straw.

And would I have to eat my meal the same way?


  1. yes, you should eat the same way...funny though it may be!

  2. I can't even imagine chicken lasagna run through a blender. Yech!


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