Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some of the details are missing...

That's what one reader said to me.

The simply fact of the matter is this, too much information would be just too much information. Like the texters tap out on their cell phones.


Erie Crackhead does not want to give someone a bad idea. Like this is the lifestyle they would want to pursue. While the life I'm living at the moment is heads and shoulders above the misery I once endured, it was at one time much worse. A few things fall into the wrong places and that miserable existence I once knew could return as well.

Nobody wants that, especially me.

There are other details that have been left out as well, that could give me a bit of plausible deniability. Well, not a hell of a lot, but a little deniability. It also protects the innocents around me that might only be harmed by details that I might describe in this blog. Every person I talk about here is also known only by a psuedonym.

Some people will not be described in any sense beyond being called a friend or relative. As a matter of fact the lack of some detail was mentioned by a relative, who knows more of the story than what is published here. Then again, there are probably a few facets of my life that was a complete mystery to them as well.

But as I pointed out, I did not want this blog to be a primer on leading the life of a crackhead. If someone who is reading this is smoking crack, it's important to know how far down you can go. Oddly enough you can improve things in your life, but there is always that danger of falling down the rabbit hole again.

Some of the people mentioned here may never be aware of this blog, and that's OK. But their lives and problems are their own and I don't want to make a spectacle of them. By and large these are good people. They may have played the cards they have been dealt the wrong way, but that's what happens to us all from time to time.

Hell, even a person dealt four aces and the King of Spades can fuck that up.

We all have seen that happen.


  1. Do you take requests?
    Would you please reflect on the circumstances (within reason) that made you take that first hit from a crack pipe?

  2. I will consider requests.

    And the answer to your question can be answered in one word.


  3. and you must have been in a place where you could satify that curiosity, right? What brought you there?


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