Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Tuesday

The day after Monday and the day before Wednesday.

There are a lot of people out there who are moaning that it's gonna' be forever before Friday shows up around here. I don't have that problem as every day is the same as the other. With the possible exception of what the weather is like outside, it's all the same to me. Well almost all the same.

There are some subtle differences that are worth noting. Like Tuesdays and Thursday are the days for the City Mission food bank. Friday is St. Paul's food bank day. I don't go to the food banks as often as I have in the past. Spending less money on crack has meant more for the real necessities of life.

Like food, for instance.

Wednesdays are the days when the Erie Art Museum has it's outdoor, free lunch time concerts. One Wednesday a month, usually the last one is when the Erie Philharmonic has the Hot Dog and Classics concerts in front of the Warner Theater. The Warner is a beautiful place that also holds many memories for me from my childhood and beyond. From movies to concerts, like the Beach Boys, The Guess Who and The Moody Blues.

I've never heard the Philharmonic play there though and someday I intend to do just that.

Saturdays and Sundays are still kind of laid back days. As if all my days weren't laid back days, but with curtailed bus service and little else going on there is little reason to venture outside. Except when there is a festival of some sorts going on in the area. This week will be Celebrate Erie days. The high point for me will be the fireworks.

And they are free!

So, a few dollars are in my pocket. No crack has been smoked in a few days now as well. Life isn't perfect, but who's life is perfect anyway? The thing is that small improvements are being made. While maybe not quick enough in the measure of someone else, but I am happy with the direction things are going so far. Things may well change tomorrow, but that will be worried about at that time.

After all, Better is Better and that's my Gold Standard.


  1. So you use your money that you could have spent on food to buy crack then take food for free from families that are much needier than you?

  2. People just don't walk off the street at the food banks to get food. At least not around Erie, PA. You need to qualify, and smoking crack or not, because of my situation, living only off SSDI and being disabled, I qualify. I use the food banks sparingly as I am also now diabetic and the food available at the pantries is not exactly diabetic friendly. I also pass on quite a bit to people, who for one reason or another don't qualify for assistance from the food banks. Having a permanent address is one qualifier some people I know don't possess.

    So in a nutshell, yeah, I'm a crackhead and I do take advantage of the system. Like the guy I know who drives to the Mission for lunch in his Caddy on a daily basis. Maybe he lives in his car, but I doubt that..

  3. OH! One other thing. My medicine, the medical MJ that helps me is not covered by my insurance. Maybe one day, but it's not today and it's not cheap either...

  4. So instead of being an upstanding citizen unlike the guy that drives the caddy, you take your medication money and by crack with it. It's people like you that make hard working people like me despise the welfare system and the people that say they are disabled when really they are lazy SOB's. And for insurance not covering your "medical" MJ, the reason it is not covered is because it's not legal in Pennsylvania. So you are either making this up or you have a crackhead for a doctor. Maybe he can prescribe you some "medical" crack.

  5. And yet here you are, Mr. Hard-Working, Welfare System Hating Upstanding Citizen, reading and posting on this blog.

  6. Yes, I live in Pennsylvania and Medical Marijuana isn't legal here yet. So, I am breaking the law. I self prescribe the pot for my condition. It works. It works as well as the legal aspirin you take for a headache, but doesn't tear up my stomach. Do you ask a docs permission to take an aspirin when you want to take some?

    Yeah, I didn't think so...

    One other thing. I miss working. Not so much for the money, which is probably your main motivator, but I miss the challenges it provided me. I miss the people that I inter-acted with as well.

    Now I am going to observe an old rule on the internet.

    Don't feed the trolls.

  7. agreed one shouldn't feed the trolls-they are obviously without flaws and are "hard working" and therefore giving them the Gawd given RIGHT to excise control over others in the NEOFACIST way religion and "spiritual" programs/lifestyles dictate. A big fat LIE which they themselves know but are yet profess ignorance - which gves them the plausible deniability they think will protect them the superstitious idea they may claim to St peter or whom ever, "i dont desrve the flaming hell which they do deserve...and which them themselves will ultimately commit themselves to.
    I am hard working, i paid more than $20k in taxes last year and am willing to pay more if folks like Obama and yourself find the need. I did have a problem with MORE-OFFS like the religious right picking up stones and throwing them at others when themselves take advantage people in a mega-way and used their self-describe hard work labe to pass judgement on EVERYONE AROUND them and finding any excuse to exclude EVERYONE ENTIRE SEGMENTS of our population from bare necessities and ACCESS to changing a obvously too broke system
    In this way they can sleep at night knowing it is OTHERS who are the problem and not themselves- it is "them/US" who won't CONFORM to THEIR NOTIONS of RIGHT/WRONG. That's why their finding their rewms and lives shrinking to the point they can't maintain a level of decorum on the internet. If some one spoke to me in the fashion anonymous did in person...well i just don't think they would.

    I chalk it up to evolution, while 12-steps and religious organs de-evolve (as in lacking change-cement like dogma) the reality of impermanence rushes past them in the way water beats down everything before it eventually.

    In a free society we live and let live...geez you'd think even the troll could get that aphorism...its written on the wall...but i forget the t-rolls (they are almost always round and a bit dusty looking) only are recovered when they're in a mtg...when they are outside in the real world they are just control freaks and wanna-be sexual predators.



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