Friday, March 22, 2013

I said this in a comment

 "Sorry for the delay, but I only come around here when something is bugging me and the need to talk about it arises."

Something is bugging me and the need to talk about it has arisen.

The reason I haven't been writing here much may be fear as much as anything. Fear of really saying anything but happy shit about my life. A chameleon of sorts who makes people think, "Well, he's OK."


Maybe you bought into that bullshit or saw right through it. I tend to think more saw through the bullshit. Could be wrong about that though. Maybe most don't give a shit.

I am again approaching and perhaps already in is the hole I put myself into financially and mentally.  The same hole I put myself into last month.

And the month before that...

And the month before...

And the month...

Now you know why I really haven't been here.  

Been hiding out in plain sight.

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