Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crack Kills

Sometimes it's not  the crack head that dies.

Today someone I knew from a long time ago was arraigned for the murder of his alleged dealer. This occasionally happens, especially when the "dude" thinks they own you. It also can happen when the crack head realizes that that dealer may indeed own them.

In this case the "Dude" made it clear that this smoker was not to be doing business with others.

It may also have something to do with the fact that this guy was walking out the door with about $500.00 of this poor suckers hard earned cash. The Dude smacking this poor soul once before turning around probably didn't help either. Another thing to consider is the crack head owed others and was at his wits end how everyone was going to be kept happy.

Trust me on this, it happens all too often.

Crack dealers love people who have a steady and reliable source of income. While they don't often do fronts, occasionally that steady income can be tempting to their greed. The temptation to ask for that front is also too much at times for the steady crack enthusiast.

That's the way the shit works.

So after the dude smacks his customer across the face, this enraged fool cracks the dealer on his head with a baseball bat.  Then he takes back his money so he can either pay another dealer off or make a call for more shit. Self defense is out the door as the bigger and meaner fellow had his back turned on his assailant.

Shit happens when a brain is scrambled by this drug.

While not there and can only imagine what happened next beyond what has been published in the news. One would like to think that bills were paid. Chances are pretty good that either another dealer was paid or another party has had with the cash recovered from the victim.  Much of this is speculation on my part, but this much is certain...

Crack kills.


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