Monday, September 2, 2013

It's starting to get ugly out there

I try to get out as much as possible. At times it a struggle to get out the door, but sunshine and fresh air are a tonic to me at times. Also on the hotter muggy days, the air down near the dock and along the bay seems to be a lot cooler than in this place.

Making my way around the dock, an old acquaintance passed by.

He looked pretty rough. He made like everything was fine, but if one had to guess, he appeared as though he hadn't had a shower or shave in more than a few days. His teeth appears to be brown and he had a nasty assed gash on his forehead. A series of stitches ran for about an inch and a half.  This fellow told me there was another series of stitches under the top layer.

We made a bit of small about how things were going.  Then I asked about the gash on his head. He said some guy came up from behind him, spun him around and cracked him in the head. Whoever it was snagged his bag containing the few belongings he owned.

Some clothes and other odds and ends, but nothing of value.

After getting beat with a club or maybe just a rock or brick he woke up in the emergency room. Thankfully the hospital was within a few blocks away from where he was assaulted.  Stitched up and back on the street, he did look like a wreck, but at least he was still sucking air.

Maybe the crook who jacked him thought that this fellow looked like he might have something of value. His bag did look like the ones used for carrying lap top computers. The thing that was troubling though, is it seems to be getting to the point where those who have nothing are trying to get what they can from others who have nothing as well.

Then again, maybe it's always been ugly out there and I just haven't been paying attention.