Friday, January 15, 2010

Almost Got an Attitude


I've been posting comments to a writers blog on my hometown newspaper's website. Little things about me, this blog and the benefit of writing. I noticed that my comments didn't appear instantly and that riled up the addict in me.

Instant gratification. That's a big part of what we're about.

Well, that's what I was looking for and it didn't work out that way. I did notice that the first comment I posted had to wait for the moderator's approval. Then the second comment seemed to have shown up and disappeared a short while later.

Man! Don't you people know who I think I am!

Let's be serious for a minute. Even in this liberal world we live in today, who wants comments from an admitted down and dirty crackhead? I did prepare myself for the the disappointment that my words wouldn't be the thing that that particular blogger wanted on their site. I also thought that they would also not want to see a link to this blog in that space as well.


I went back to the blog today to see that the comments were indeed listed under the appropriate blog entries. Maybe there are those out there who might have, if not the same, perhaps a similar philosophy as I have.

Everyone, regardless of what their station is in life, has a story to tell. If one takes the time to listen to these stories there will be quite often something of value to be gained. Another thing is that reading someone elses blog or listening to another's thoughts might just reinforce something positive that you are trying to accomplish.

Oh! To be fair, as I posted links to this blog on that other site, please check out It might spark something for you as well.

Now if I could figure out how that nice lady gets to write one or two paragraphs a week and still gets a check. I also need to run my comments through a spell checker so at least I can come across a tiny bit smarter than I really am.

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