Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still Edgy, But...

It could be worse.

Yeah, I used yesterday.

Somehow it seems like a waste today. I sleep in late and didn't really want to go out at all. I had to get some things done, so here I am. Not in the best of moods, but it's been worse. Much, much worse.

Some other bills were paid. Money owed to people who loaned me during the past 2 months. I couldn't pout them off again, as I blew the money I owed them last month. It was a few days before Christmas and I guess it was my way of staving off loneliness.

Anyway, I may be getting to Wally World for some supplies and a few groceries. Things to have in the house when the weather or my health prevent me from getting out.

Now to figure out what I can spend and still have enough for a little buzz.

Man, the way the mind of a crackhead works is scary at times.

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