Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gangs, Guns and Violence

Someday it could happen to you.

It's happened to me twice. It is not a pleasant experience and I would not wish this to happen to anyone.

What happened?

I found myself looking into a barrel of a gun. That freakin' thing looked like a pipe on the Alaskan Pipeline.

Once the gun was held by a cop and once the gun was held by a young gangbanger. I didn't feel any better about who was on the other side of the weapon. Anything could have happened when a humans finger is wrapped around that trigger. Accidents can happen as well, whether they are accidental or intentional accidents.

Think about that one for a minute.

Anyway, there seems to a spike of gun violence in my hometown. Nothing good can come from the false bravado that carrying those tools of death infuses into those kids. People will be hurt who are miles from where a shooting takes place.

Getting back to the theme of this blog. If you're buying crack, whether from your regular guy or maybe some dude on the street, chances are better than even they're carryin' heat. And even if they're not carryin', their competition may be cruisin' the block.

What better way to increase market share?

The problems start when you get between the gun and the target.

It happens.

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