Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I hope that is spelled correctly. Spell check doesn't work on the title.

But the inability to be flexible just gives me an excuse to get high. It seems that if there is any variation from my plan everything seems to go haywire.

Things started going in the wrong direction at the post office yesterday. For some weird reason my debit card was declined when I tried to purchase money orders for my rent and electric bill. I was thinking the worst. Some nasty credit collection agency wiped my account out. Another thought rolling around in my head was that maybe the IRS froze my account. Then I was thinking that the government really didn't think I was disabled.

I tried calling the bank and was continually disconnected when I tried to speak to a representative. After several tries, I went the automated route to check balance and transactions. It said there was a balance in the account, so I tried to withdraw money from an ATM. (For you folks in Erie, that's a MAC machine.) The machine said that there was insufficient funds for that transaction.

I called the bank again to recheck the balance. After assuring myself that indeed there were sufficient funds in the account, I again tried to withdraw funds from the machine.


Unfortunately the first attempt was shown as a pending transaction and that meant that my daily limit for funds and purchases was exceeded. So I was unable to get the money orders for my rent and utilities. And I had way too much cash in my pocket.

Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I did get ripped and spent more money than was intended. The plus side is that I didn't spend as much as I could have and did manage to get rent and electric bills taken care off.

The lessen in all this is that I have to formulate a contingency plan for times like these. Will I figure out another way to foul things up as time goes by? Probably, but every mistake and misstep has to be followed by corrective measures.

I am building a better mouse trap as time goes by. The problem with that is the mousetrap designer is also the mouse.

I could just turn all of my funds over to someone to handle for me. That would solve a lot of problems. There is something that prevents me from doing that though.

Pride and lack of trust are wicked evil things.

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