Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's snowed yesterday

But that's not why I didn't get to the library.

You gotta' do laundry once in awhile.

I also did get a bit of a buzz on Tuesday night as well. Just a couple of hits and then it was all gone. Funny how that always seems to happen with that crap.

Yesterday was not spent moping about because I spent money that could have been put to better use. I did things that had been put off for a little too long. Clean clothes is a big item with me. Clean skivvies and shirts that aren't spotted with yesterdays lunch from the mission make a body feel better.

The kitchen recieved a good scrubbinbg as well. Dishes were washed, counters were wiped down and floors were mopped. Garbage was bagged and rugs were shaken out. Things that didn't need to be out were put up and things that needed to be out were dusted and straightened.

Sometimes we act like we're nearly normal.

That part of why so many people act surprised when they find out what my drug of choice is. Yep, we crackheads as a whole tend to scrub up pretty good.

Looking good on the outside but Oh So! messed up on the inside.

Or sumtin' like that...

OH...the are NO movie theaters within the city limits of Erie, PA.


View Larger Map,+PA&ei=I1Z0S7XOAYLS8Qa9-KivCg&ved=0CF8QtgMwAw&ll=42.096439,-80.120201&spn=0.11311,0.21595&z=12

For you that are unfamiliar with Erie, none of the theaters shown are inside the city.

Too bad, so sad.

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