Monday, February 1, 2010

Lemme' See

I think the last post here was last Wednesday.

Since then I've bought enough food to cover me for a few weeks. That's if getting out at all is impossible. Part of it is also crackhead thinking. Get what you can, while you can before you can't.

Laundry also had to be done while there was money. There's only so many times you can turn your skivvies inside out and back again. So it was about twenty trips up and down stairs to feed the washer and dryer clothes and quarters. At least two extra trips were taken because the damned money was left behind.

As you can see I'm out and about again.

It wasn't just the weather or laundry that kept me in the past few days. Smoking crack had me locked up for two of those days.

Maybe it was three days.

It could have been four days.

As it turns out I didn't spend nearly as much money on drugs this month. But there wasn't as much available for recreational purposes either.

A couple of days I just couldn't get myself to get dressed to go outside.

You might say that it was depression. It could have been a down phase of my bi-polarness. It could also have been because of the letdown from smoking crack. I usually spring back pretty quickly but for some reason this time was harder.

Maybe it was the combination of the crack and a depressed phase.

I did have to push myself to get outside today. I'm glad I did get out. It was good to see some old friends at the mission for lunch. It was also good to see some familiar faces at the library today.

Who knows I may come outside tomorrow.

Even if it's just to see my shadow.

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